Fashion designer Victor von Schwarz was born in Sabadell, a province of Barcelona, in 1988. In 2013, having finished his design studies and learnt his trade alongside other brand teams, he decided to create his own label.

His first individual collection was presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, where he presented collections three years running. Some time later he decided to take on new personal and professional challenges and moved to Taipei (Taiwan), where he dressed local celebrities the likes of Jolin Tsai and Soda Green among others. During this period the brand began its international expansion, establishing outlets in New York, Barcelona and Madrid.

In 2014 he collaborated with renowned brands and fashion publications such as H&M, Vogue and Fucking Young! With the last of these he joined forces to launch an exclusive, limited edition bomber jacket.

In 2017 he launched his fifth collection, "Doble vida", which was very well received by Spanish celebrities and received the MODA-FAD 2018 award. He also dressed ROSALÍA in some of her promotional tours and music videos ("Pienso en tu mirá", "Millonaria").

After working with her, and coinciding with the launch of his sixth collection, "Realidad", Victor dressed a variety of Spanish artists with international projection the likes of Lola Índigo (MTV EMAs), Aitana, Mala Rodríguez (on her "Kitana Tour" tour) or Bad Gyal. He was also one of the 15 finalists in the Vogue Spain's "Who's on Next" 2020 competition.

Other celebrities who have worn his clothes include Eric Nam, Chai, Nil Moliner, Los Javis, Ester Expósito, Anna Castillo and Pol Granch.

The American Dream


“The American Dream” is a collection based on the imposed idea of a large part of society that “what it means to be a success: to be a success you must be rich, famous and live under a material standard of life that many never reach.

Based on this competitive and eminently American idea, imagine a scenario set in 70s Hollywood. At that time, thousands of people arrived from all the small towns and villages of the United States to try their luck and become the future star of the main film producers in Los Angeles. This decade was also one of the most dangerous times in the country, in which sects, serial killers, and the dangers of the night stalking the new arrivals to the city.

This collection has a retro and subtle cowboy inspiration, with denim as the basis combined with waxed fabrics and tweeds. The first part of this collection was inspired by the youngsters who arrived from rural environments, for which we used textures such as Swiss embroidery and flower-print cottons. For the second half, based on the people who gained this sought-after success, use use more sophisticated fabrics such as silk, tulle, and lamé.

This collection is more daring and sexy than our previous work, although it follows the label’s characteristic patterns, such as the use of classic cut garments with a “naive” look.

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