May 2

Contacto comercial:
Jordi Bertomeu
Tel: +34 671 515 409

Contacto prensa/comunicación: 
Carla Pérez 
Tel: +34 607 640 219

+34 93 803 06 00


Founded in 1929, Escorpion is a reference standard in the international knitwear industry thanks to the sophisticated design and heritage of its collections.

The Escorpion jumper has transcended generations and remains the most essential knitwear item in a woman's wardrobe… a timeless and versatile fashion icon.

With premises in Igualada and Barcelona, Escorpion stands for fashion and sustainability by means of environmentally responsible processes.

Escorpion creative management is overseen by Carles Gràcia, someone who is well acquainted with the brand's DNA.

Escorpion currently markets its garments in 900 shops in more than 20 countries. In Spain, its collections are available in multi-brand boutiques and El Corte Inglés stores throughout the country.



A collection based on avant-garde that, far from being a clean slate, is a contemporary reinterpretation of our DNA Garments.

That soak up the lessons of the past and apply them to the present and the future, recovering iconic shapes and volumes.

Subtle, delicate stitching draws elegant, perfect silhouettes. Natural shades prevail, as well as azure, petal, rosewood, all intermingled with grey. This capsule collection represents the essence of ESCORPION.

Because we are a knitted SWEATER, we are pure HERITAGE, and we are every WOMAN.

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