Behind COMPTE SPAIN is Santi Mozas (Valencia, 1994). He specialised in communication and fashion design at the Instituto Europeo di Design after graduating in Advertising and Marketing. After several years of experience in fashion and completely self-taught training in fashion design, pattern making, and clothing, Santi embarks on his most personal project with which he intends to show a stronger, more mature and complete vision with COMPTE SPAIN.



In one way or another, we are all attracted by fear. From a very early age, we all felt afraid when the house was in the dark, when we had to go down the dimly-lit hallway to our bedroom, or when we put the covers over our heads so that no evil being could touch us. In short, we have all felt afraid at some time, and this fear has affected our subconscious and cropped up unknowingly while we sleep in the form of nightmares, recurring dreams such as teeth falling out, a fear of loss, of death, or things as inexplicable and formidable as monsters or spirits. This time, the collection was created from a psychological and personal point of view, of how a sweet dream can turn into your worst nightmare. These nightmares are often influenced by our own personal traumas, long-term wounds that remain in the very depths of a persons soul.

Traumas often caused by different fears or past experiences. TRAUMA is the Autumn-Winter 23/24 collection by COMPTE SPAIN, inspired by the climax of dreams but, above all, of nightmares, fears, characters from horror stories that weve known from an early age, and traumas that are triggered over the stages of peoples lives. This time, the collection begins with horror. Trauma reflects how nightmares or fears influence us. Looks full of symbols that reflect different states of mind of a given person. This proposal also refers to the magical surrealism of pictorial art and, more particularly, the work of Spanish artist Remedios Varo, who showed unreal or strange events as an everyday occurrence, breaking the limits of reality. In addition, the work of Margaret Modlin, where we focus on the way horror is reflected in her works. There is no happy ending to this story. Traumas are inherent to us and form part of us, and we must learn to live with them.

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