After his debut at Modafad in 2013, Guillem Rodríguez has continued to work on showing others his vision of men's fashion. Guillem has always found inspiration in the female wardrobe and has transferred these ideas to the male domain. By blurring cliché barriers, he has conveyed his version of masculinity. 

After participating in the Hyères Festival as a finalist in 2015, Guillem changes the focus of his work and starts working with tailor-made garments for his customers. His clothes reflect tailoring combined with younger and more modern proportions. 
All his clothes feature a highly handcrafted value, which drives his work to achieve a unique, quality and consumer-oriented product. 

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15 septiembre 2020


080 TV

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The Dreamboy collection is inspired by the characters that we find within the imaginary of homoerotics. A set of men of a homosexual emotional nature who embody an erotic desire.  An audiovisual piece that has inspired the collection is James Bidgood's film Pink Narcissus (1971). In it, we find a male prostitute played by Bobby Kendall, who lives out several sexual fantasies with his clients. 

Dreamboy is the gigolo who waits on the street, the boy you meet on the dance floor, the one you stare at as he crosses the street. An erotic version of the sexy, young and brilliant man. The collection reflects an empowerment of the male body. A new masculinity that does not hide from its sexuality, nor from being camp.