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I would like to introduce myself briefly. All my life I was a 'bad student', though my creativity and interests developed when I took a cooking course. Years later, once I had realised that cooking was not really for me, fashion appeared in my life, and all of a sudden it became my vocation.
I began my studies at the Art School of Cadiz, where I developed my skills as a designer. While studying, I created my first collection, 'Tobalo", inspired by the craftsmanship of my homeland, Andalusia. After winning a number of fashion competitions, thanks to "Tobalo", I was able to continue working and investing in new collections, such as Qarmida. 
This new collection continued to open doors for me in different regional competitions. When the time came to complete my studies I developed Capítulo 1 Desequilibrio. In the last few months, after finishing my higher education, I have been working, researching and preparing myself. I believe a good designer should never stop learning… one must remain in a state of continuous resilience.
With Capítulo 1 Desequilibrio it has always been our desire to take a qualitative leap, and 080 was the platform that would continue to develop and promote our interests. We have always identified with the concept of design, consumerism and European fashion culture.
Spain is a wonderful country, but there is always time for improvement and we could always increase our presence on an international level. I believe that problems are solved from within and that is one of my goals in my career as a designer.

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26 abril 2021


080 TV


When we decided to take on this project, this event constituted a challenge, a clear goal on the horizon.
This industry, our universe, has become a place without a soul, a place without a voice or a vote. Spanish fashion should fight for what it is, and remember what it was.
The world looks to us for inspiration, as we were the ones who created the reference standards used by others today. We must prune the branches that prevent us from growing.
I propose an assault, and for you to be my accomplices. I propose we once again be respected for what we were and for what we are.
A delicate, elegant, forceful turning point. Real.
This collection is inspired by social toxicity and the toxicity of the fashion world and conceived as a sharp criticism of everything that destroys instead of looking to the future.
Capitulo 1 – Desequilibrio is influenced by the sins that Dante describes with overwhelming accuracy and contemporaneity in his Divine Comedy, updating and reflecting them in today's society. Our designs connect with society by representing such universal shortcomings as greed, lies and envy, which exist in the Florentine society described by Dante as well as in today's fashion industry. We combined both these concepts in order to develop this project, adapt our discourse and direct our criticism.
The fashion industry is a wonderful universe, but it has a tendency to destroy itself.