This FW23/24 collection encapsulates the essence of elegance as a way of understanding fashion. Therefore, ALTERITY comes in with several total looks in elegant and essential colors, such as black, petrol blue, red and white. The challenge of this new proposal is how and with what attitude you give life to the garments in order to enhance the alterity of each one and explore our most masculine, yet feminine version.

Without losing sight of the brand’s DNA, volumes continue to be seen in the garments as a whole, but, this time, in a more subtle way. In this occasion it’s the structure of the pieces that seek to highlight the feminine silhouette and enhance a rather suggestive sensuality. Tailoring patterns go from the outer garments, through pants and blouses, to the dresses. Along with the back and forth between masculine and feminine, the search for alterity and the corduroy fabric, the garments of this new collection have a more sophisticated touch, although, following the brand’s path, they provide with versatility. It is essential to explore each and every one of the possibilities offered by the garments, both together and separately, to elevate them to their full potential.

Joy, positivity and vitality are part of the brand’s core values. This is why ALTERITY will surprise with different touches of light, reflected in brighter colors, to counterbalance the duller ones. Pink, in its purest form, serves as one of our primary allies in achieving this striking contrast. Remaining committed to the brand’s philosophy and values, the use of organic materials in the tailoring process continues to be prioritized, creating unique structures in a more sustainable and honest way.

ALTERITY wants to demonstrate that elegance can be experienced in different ways and from different points of view, in which masculine and feminine are in harmony with each other. A versatile closet, with timeless and durable garments is what we propose for our inner self to explore each and every one of its versions.

ALTERITY Collection

The Label Edition was born in early 2019 by the hand of two experts in fashion and luxury marketing, Véronique Von Siebenthal (founder and creative director) and Laura Johansson (co-founder).

With a 100% digital DNA, the commercial strategy of The Label Edition revolves around the online sale, given that its most compelling feature is the exhibition of its garments on the web. Since its very beginning, there’s been the will to bolster the communication and image side of the firm, in order to create a brand centered not merely on the design of the garments, but also on conveying a set of values and an
aesthetic through it.

Timelessness, ethical and honest fashion, and exclusivity are the backbones that have guided the growth of The Label Edition, based on the production of capsules in proximity and in limited units. The brand endorses a more dynamic approach, following its creative process without subduing it to restraints in terms of seasons and the number of garments. Moreover, producing limited editions gives the firm the luxury to choose some fabrics from dead-stock , giving them a second life and contributing to the durability of the clothing. This resource allows them to include a philosophy of recycling in some capsules, bolstering further the slow-fashion. The visual-aesthetic aspect plays a relevant role as well, understood as the quest for effortless beauty and elegance that «always compliment a woman’s essence, and never overwhelm».

The Label Edition has its operational base in the city of Barcelona, in view of the relevance of the textile sector in Catalonia. Nonetheless, the brand enjoys a wide International repercussion and, in less than a year, it has established itself in the world of fashion as a desired brand among customers, actresses and influencers. In its brief span of life, The Label Edition has hitherto been recognized both in national and international media (see on the web, section ‘press’) that credit how this marriage between product and communication has been able to reach the consumer and inebriate her of its values.

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