31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023

The Label Edition was born in early 2019 by the hand of two experts in fashion and luxury marketing, Véronique Von Siebenthal (founder and creative director) and Laura Johansson (co-founder).

With a 100% digital DNA, the commercial strategy of The Label Edition revolves around the online sale, given that its most compelling feature is the exhibition of its garments on the web. Since its very beginning, there’s been the will to bolster the communication and imatge side of the firm, in order to create a brand centered not merely on the design of the garments, but also on conveying a set of values and an aesthetic through it.

Timelessness, ethical and honest fashion, and exclusivity are the backbones that have guided the growth of The Label Edition, based on the production of capsules in proximity and in limited units. The brand endorses a more dynamic approach, following its creative process without subduing it to restraints in terms of seasons and the number of garments. Moreover, producing limited editions gives the firm the luxury to choose some fabrics from dead-stock , giving them a second life and contributing to the durability of the clothing. This resource allows them to include a philosophy of recycling in some capsules, bolstering further the slow-fashion. The visual-aesthetic aspect plays a relevant role as well, understood as the quest for effortless beauty and elegance that «always compliment a woman’s essence, and never overwhelm».

The Label Edition has its operational base in the city of Barcelona, in view of the relevance of the textile sector in Catalonia. Nonetheless, the brand enjoys a wide International repercussion and, in less than a year, it has established itself in the world of fashion as a desired brand among customers, actresses and influencers. In its brief span of life, The Label Edition has hitherto been recognized both in national and international media (see on the web, section ‘press’) that credit how this marriage between product and communication has been able to reach the consumer and inebriate her of its values.



M.O.T.L.E.Y. is the capacity to compose and decompose with different elements to create one or more variations adapted to the desires or needs of the time. An anthem to the power of adaptation.

Based on subtlety as a key element, this SS23 in season collection puts special emphasis on colours, especially bright colours, and on modularity. With it, M.O.T.L.E.Y. highlights the woman’s figure, a self-assured woman who, through the volume of the garments and their colour, underlines her worth. We use a bright colour palette, tracing a path through the different shades of pink as the protagonist, oranges, reds, greens, and yellows. Also present are the darker shades, such as blues and black, as the counterpoint.

This collection is full of pieces that can be combined however you want, letting your creativity fly with the unique style of each one, offering you the change to choose how and when to experience each garment. “We like the idea of a practical and timeless wardrobe formed by pieces that can be worn during the day and in the evening, without worrying about their functionality”. Women have several lives each day, so we want our garments to accompany them in each one of these lives, with the same piece fitting into them all.

The four cardinal points are the inspiration for THE LABEL EDITION, using fabrics that live, and prints and colours that travel in order to revitalise the urban wardrobe with a touch of mismatch. Above all, the idea of a free body must not be forgotten: “The pieces in which we live do not hinder expression or movement, as they are what make us feel alive”.

The volumes, especially in the sleeves, form part of the label’s DNA, so they are unquestionable once again in this collection. In this collection, we propose very airy garments and volatile textiles, which we see in pleats and different cottons, as well as in the essential denim.

Continuing with the philosophy and values of the label, bio, organic and recycled materials are used in the clothing (with BCI and OEKOTEX certificates) and we use biodegradable pineapple-based fabric, cotton and linen, creating unique structures in a more honest way.

M.O.T.L.E.Y. encourages the creation of a universe of colours and shapes in

which you decide where, how and when to make the difference.

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