They say that the work reflects the character of the author. In this new episode of Outsiders Division titled Extraordinary, the manias and obsessions of its creative director David Méndez Alonso are displayed in 36 looks.

This collection is outlined, once again, working with opposing elements and combining them to form a constant mix of conflicts and aesthetics that harmonize with each other. With the freedom and quasi-naive enjoyment that characterizes Outsiders Division, David’s designs for Extraordinario are full of references from popular culture, the underground and contemporary art (among many others).

A series of garments that reinforce his characteristic “ Preppy-punk ́ ́ style in a collection that is revealed as a celebration of that grandfather who has not yet grown up, reinforcing again his obsession with the contradictory. Among the garments in this collection we can see tulle skirts, classic sweaters and cardigans, a bag made of ceramic and a long list of colors that make up an almost infinite palette.

The extraordinary and the unusual continue to be the foundations on which Outsiders Division works to create garments in which all misfits can see themselves reflected.

Our imagination is EXTRAORDINARY.



Outsiders Division is an independent clothing brand created by David Méndez Alonso in 2012 in where we design clothing for all adults who never grew up. From our studio in Barcelona we celebrate arts and imagination using emotions as a tool to create collections that include a long list of products and accessories.


David Méndez Alonso is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer with a special sensitivity and aesthetic towards colour. He was born in 1988 in Galicia, north Spain. Transgressor of reality and emotions and, under the motto “ the beauty of error” David’s work brings us closer to worlds of dreamlike fantasy where he unleashes his particular imagination in projects where he designs, draws, sculpts, installs, recreate, paint and play without fear or limits.

Self-defined as ‘Outsider’ in 2012, he decides to create his own brand ‘Outsiders Division’ with which he presents several collections each year that includes fashion shows, campaigns and a long list of products, clothing and accessories. He has worked for brands such as Adidas, Converse, Nike, H&M, Levi’s, Pull&Bear and Reebok developing and designing projects for each of them. His career also includes exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Dubai, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Monterrey and Paris.


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