‘I am, but’ is a collection based on the search for situations that make you feel more creative, the man is limited to himself; and all artists are afraid of the empty picture, the blank canvas, the muse, which is why “I am, but” is based on redirection, reconstruction and restarting, thus defining a new direction that men’s fashion is to take. Creativity can be imaginative and whimsical, but also innovative and inventive. Based on the “SAMO” (The same old shit) concept, Lemāchet proposes reinterpreting traditional tailoring concepts with new cuts, shapes and materials which, despite being previously linked to a traditionally male part, are combined to give an innovative, modern touch to men’s tailoring today.

I AM BUT Collection
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Born in Almonte (Huelva), Lucía Sánchez graduated in fashion design at the CEADE Leonardo University (Seville). After working for the fashion firm Roberto Diz and following several years as a design and pattern-making professor at the ESADA school, she decided to create her own mens fashion label: Lemāchet.

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EMAIL: iamlemachet@gmail.com

TELÉFONO: +34 634 84 49 56

WEB: lemachet.com

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