31th Edidion from May 5 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 5 / 2023

Habey Club was established in 2015 as a project in which to capture all the inventiveness of its creative team (David Salvador and Javier Zunzunegui), after finishing their studies at the CSDMM of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Since then, the project has been growing, little by little, nationally and internationally, based on its work and development of new initiatives from its studio in Madrid, as well as in Paris for the international management of its sales.

In September 2016, they were selected for the first time to present their collection during Madrid Fashion Week (MBFWM) as part of Samsung EGO, and this was their debut on the Spanish catwalk. Over the following years, they laid the foundations of what Habey Club was to become nowadays, their design concept and their idea of producing and consuming. To this end, they have been working ever since on the search for workshops with which to develop new ideas or product lines, always based on responsibility and learning, thus achieving a network with the same philosophy and working system.

There are several concepts or pillars that support the brand; the review of traditional crafts and techniques, the analysis of trends and their durability, as well as the use of recycled or natural fibres.

What is more, another essential feature of the brand is the ideas on which their collections are based. Their inspirations come from art, cinema, photography or true stories that go beyond fiction, taking as a starting point themes of great visual impact that are transferred to their collections, attaching great importance to prints, colour combinations, embroidery and styling. With regard to the latter, David and Javier understand the value of accessories and how they round off looks both on the catwalk and in their look books, which is why a key part of their work is the complementary collections of accessories, which help to fully outline the Habey club customer in each collection.

About Habey Club

Habey Club is a national label based on slow fashion, whose main brand values are craftsmanship, sustainability and responsible production. The label focuses on the reuse of fabrics and the use of recycled or 100% organic fibres.

Under these parameters, Habey Club focuses on the reinvention of traditions to update them from a new point of view.



The inspiration for this collection is the change of outlook with which people face different situations over the years, reflecting the lack of concern for reality during childhood, which is accentuated in adolescence and is represented by softer colours such as pinks or browns, with a lot of mixed white or washed jeans.

As the years pass and experience is acquired, you become more aware of and close to reality, and this point must be related with hyperrealism in art through figures that apparently come out of the garments to give a 3D appearance.

This “growth” is also reflected through the use of long silhouettes, simulating the physical effect of the growth spurt.

The common element of all the stages is a symbol that represents the switch from inexperience to experience: the way in which the shoelaces are tied, which can be seen in different forms, positions, and materials throughout the collection.

In short, Perspective talks of the passing of time from the point of view of experience, and only from this point of view is it possible to understand this story, our story.

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