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In a world where evolution knows no rest, where the boundaries of gender gently dissolve, and identities effortlessly blend into a progressive synergy, Carlota Barrera’s Core Collection re-emerges as a timeless testament to sustainability. As the wardrobe curated for the modern-day time traveler—a voyager who effortlessly navigates the realms of past, present, and future– the Core Collection defies the constraints of nostalgia; instead, it roots in the present boldly declaring a manifesto of fluidity.

It paves the way ahead, envisioning a world where clothing serves as a catalyst for transformation in an ever-shifting landscape. It stands as a testament to the core values of Carlota Barrera—a celebration of diverse identities, an homage to trans-seasonal adaptability, and a promise of enduring relevance. It’s the fusion of consciousness and enduring value—an investment in both the present and the future, a lasting tribute to the ever-evolving journey of identities.

Core Collection  Collection

Carlota Barrera represents the new way of dressing through a consciously designed collection of timeless pieces with a contemporary approach. Crafted from high-quality materials and thought for everyday wear, the label celebrates the evolution of identities and communities empowering the wearer. “Our mission is to play a role in helping to redefine the codes of status and luxury in a way that is better for society, culture and the environment.” Spanish designer Carlota Barrera studied at schools such as Central Saint Martins and IED before being part of the design teams at various fashion houses.

She finalised her studies graduating with honours in 2017 with a Master in Menswear and Tailoring at London College of Fashion, with a project focused on enhancing Spanish craft by integrating it into a global contemporary fashion context. Her master’s collection, ‘The Matador and The Fisherman’, became the first collection of her namesake brand.

After presenting her contemporary vision of core menswear, the brand has evolved into a genderless label showing collections at London Fashion Week and has received prestigious awards such as Vogue Fund 2019, ModaFAD and MCDM among others.

Finding hidden luxury in the unseen details, Barrera finds herself drawn to the way tailoring understands and complements the body so elegantly. Suit jackets often appear slashed or cut away, mirroring detailing seen on knitwear and undergarments within various collections. The idea of experimenting with what’s covered and what we choose to uncover becomes a core code to the label; starting a dialogue about gender and rigid rules being replaced by evolving identities.



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