The Travelers

“Everyone is on a journey, traveling through life with different starting points and aspiring end destinations. The traveler is well aware that the in between journey from start to end is the most important. It is the memories and the artifacts collected and the friendships and relationships experienced along the way that is the most valuable. So book a ticket, pack a suitcase, take a train ride and go on an adventure through the wilderness embracing the nomadic lifestyle and see where it takes you!

What do you take on your trip and how do you plan to get there? “ 


The Travelers  Collection

Josep Puig Romeu was connected with his family’s manufacturing heritage from a very early age. He founded his own label, Bielo, where he combined his own delicate and experimental style with the experience and knowledge acquired over his career in the company. The most significant turning point was his connection with Japanese craftmanship. The merging of Western and Eastern techniques leading to surprising, exceptional materials that characterise the label. 

The result is modern and elegant, transforming and revolutionising traditional cuts. Josep Puig Romeu and his team experiment carefully with innovative weaving techniques, resulting in unusual structures and transforming their ideas into shapes and volume. Each collection is marked by bold, distinctive colour combinations, always experimenting with new cuts, new knitwork techniques, and the best raw materials. 

Another turning point is the location, reflecting the label’s aesthetics, colours and textures. On entering Bielo, you discover a feeling of freedom and a visionary perspective: a deceptively simple feeling yet with a long history and distinguished potential. Oscar Leon and Bielo work together to create a wide range of accessories, where they play an important role, providing everything down to the finest detail. 



TELEPHONE: +34 609 330 664 (Josep) / +34 938 976 206 (Aleida)


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