The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection by All that she loves. A very Mediterranean proposal inspired by and located on the northern Costa Brava, at Cap de Creus lighthouse and Cadaqués.  

A protective lighthouse, a solitary building that appears on the horizon above the steep cliffs of Cap de Creus heralds the image of the new SS24 collection that Clara Esteve has designed for ALL THAT SHE LOVES. 

Glints of light on a rough sea, the pastel shades of sunrise. The humid, sometimes misty afternoons. The soft joy of the midday sun. The nights full of endless constellations. These are postcards of the Costa Brava, within the essence of a brand that, among pine groves and disordered stones, builds a DNA that smells of pine tar and salt. 

A sheltered woman. Hospitable, enthusiastic, welcoming, vital. A bright guardian of her own light: the sparkling lighthouse of ALL THAT SHE LOVES. 


The Lighthouse Collection

All That She Loves is the personal project of Clara Esteve, fashion designer specialising in swimwear & intimates. Trained at IDEP Barcelona, she was still a young student when she began her career at TCN, a firm that she remained with for 16 years and in which she became the creative director for the label’s collections.  

In 2015, she started Clara Esteve Studio in Calonge (Girona), in the heart of the Costa Brava, as a declaration of intent: working with local collaborators and suppliers connected with the area’s industrial network and prioritising local production. 

Clara Esteve Studio was established as a swimwear & intimates design studio that creates collections for different labels and external designers. In 2017, with all the experience she had gained, Esteve launched her first own label: All That She Loves. 

All That She Loves creates its collections based on swimwear & intimates, which it complements with other pieces to give each collection its own atmosphere and a complete style. An informal, chic style that places the spotlight on soft textures and elaborate finishes, giving its garments an attractive feel that offers confidence and pleasure. 

Since her first collection, Clara Esteve has been using tie-dye techniques as part of the label’s DNA. To achieve this effect, the pieces are produced using high-quality fabrics mercerised with preparations for later dying. Each piece is handled, bound and folded by hand before being placed into the dying drums, giving each item a special, exclusive and unique appearance. Once died, the pieces go through a sophisticated untying and finishing process that involves sewing and ironing. 

The label’s concept is based on combining technique and state-of-the-art technology with craftsmanship and local production. ATSL is a responsible firm that is is committed to a locally made philosophy that extends from the purchase of fabrics and materials to all the production and finishing processes for the collections that are made and finished in workshops and professional premises in Girona, Maresme and Barcelona. 

All That She Loves sees fashion as a creation process based on respect, where all the hands involved give everything they have, because they love what they do. 

ATSL is all about love and it’s all that she loves. 



TELEPHONE: +34 626 479 127

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Name: Evelyn Fernandez
Telephone: + 34 618 877 417

Showroom adress ATSL: C/Angel Guimerà, 2 17251 Calonge


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