05_ Inclusive fashion takes centre stage on the last day of 080 Barcelona Fashion

  • Free Form Style has opened the last day of the Barcelona fashion week with a proposal that confers dignity upon all types of bodies
  • RITA ROW, REVELIGION, HABEY CLUB, LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE, EÑAUT and YOLANCRIS were the labels in charge of closing the 31st edition

Friday, 5 May 2023 — 080 Barcelona Fashion, which is organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government of Catalonia), celebrates the last day of its 31st edition with proposals by FREE FORM STYLE, RITA ROW, REVELIGION, HABEY CLUB, LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE, EÑAUT and YOLANCRIS. A closing that puts an end to an incredible edition marked by creativity, reflection and memories.

The unique Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, a space that has become Barcelona’s catwalk for the last week, has opened its doors one more day to celebrate the last fashion shows of the Catalan fashion week.

The first label of the day was Free Form Style, the project founded by Marina Vergés and Carolina Asensio, which became the pioneering brand in designing clothes for people with disabilities, where comfort is not incompatible with elegance.

On this occasion, they have presented “Just a Perfect Day”, a collection based on the principles of English tailoring fused with the punk and new romantic movements, which seek to create designs without barriers. A fashion that confers dignity upon all types of bodies and that seeks to normalise physical diversity with difficulties in dressing and mobility through functional and comfortable garments.

RITA ROW, a national label that avoids fast fashion and is committed to conscious fashion, celebrates its 10th anniversary since Imma and Xènia decided to embark on the path of sustainable fashion.

The “West Road” collection plays with all kinds of textures, volumes, fabrics and cuts with a Western influence. Kitsch combinations with a country touch that result in elegant, comfortable and modern combinations; where organic cotton fabrics, premium denim, Italian yarns, virgin wool, cashmere and recycled fibres abound. A journey through the mountains of the west coast, where each garment has evolved on its path to a selected fabric and shape. Following the “West Road”, so that the person wearing that garment grows, develops and feels comfortable with the values the brand embodies.

After walking down the catwalks in Madrid and London, the label REVELIGION opts for 080 Barcelona Fashion due to its international flair to introduce the brand to other markets.

It has presented “Vandal”, a collection inspired by urban art, street style, fashion as a form of expression, street tribes and graffiti.

HABEY CLUB is presented once again on the catwalk of the industry’s most important event in Catalonia. The brand stands for the concepts of the review of traditional crafts and techniques, the analysis of trends and their durability, as well as the use of recycled or natural fibres. With inspirations that arise from art, cinema, photography or true stories that go beyond fiction and are transferred to its collections through prints, colour combinations, embroidery and styling.

The “Perspective” collection speaks of the passage of time through the prism of experience. As you get older and gain experience, you become more aware of and closer to reality. This point in the collection relates to hyperrealism in art through figures that take on a 3D aspect in the actual garments.

The Barcelona fashion week also includes the new collection by LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE, a label that was established 40 years ago.

The proposal for next season is called “Acid Urban”, a fashion statement pleading that a modern and eclectic style still prevails in the big cities. Total looks are embodied by volumes, such as dresses, jumpsuits, suits, skirts, jackets and hoodies, that are rich in textures and materials, such as technical fabrics, brocades, jacquard, tweeds, gemstones and transparencies. All of the above in a full black palette as a base, which combines and contrasts with neon yellow and pink, hence bringing a street collection to life in which accessories are once again highly present in the form of country boots and brocade bags in the same tone, as well as acid-coloured caps.

EÑAUT, a brand that was created by the designer born in Gipuzkoa in September 2018, the year in which he won the REC.0/080 Barcelona Fashion contest for best designer, presents a collection that invites us to reflect.

The “Vulturno” collection wants to raise awareness of climate change, where temperatures will be the hottest and coldest to date, depending on the time of year. The current temperature is set to rise by up to 1.2°C, which is a more serious situation and requires even more urgent action. Furthermore, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), there is a 20% probability that we will exceed 1.5 °C by 2024. This would be a catastrophe for the global ecosystem, with the extinction of many species of plants and animals, and the entire disappearance of the coral reefs.

YOLANCRIS was the brand to close the day of the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. With a boho style and a pioneer in the bridal sector, it presents “Black Gofrado”.

YOLANCRIS was the label to close the day and the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. With a boho style and a pioneer in the bridal sector, it presents “Black Gofrado”.

This collection has been designed by adapting the embossing technique in different noble fabrics, such as silk taffeta or satin, to create and play with the maximum volumes these fabrics afford us, together with the elegance of the 50s and the most purist structures of those years in terms of patterns. This results in an evening collection that is elegant and always timeless.

This fashion show was the closing of the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. For four days, this edition has brought together fashion professionals and design lovers who have wanted to show the trends that will mark the next season in the idyllic setting of the city of Barcelona.

Sponsors and collaborators of the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion

The beauty trends are still present on the last day of this edition. Thanks to Kevin Murphy we saw music-inspired looks with curls, voluminous fringes and wet looks, whereas Yolancris showed a ponytail with a braided knot. Reveligion showed an updo look with colourful tips that takes us back to the 2000s. The make-up trends by MAC Cosmetics went from natural looks, where matte and wet skins coexist, with pearly colours in lavender, washed blues and pinks, to the use of metallic colours, especially silver, rose gold and liquid gold, which seem to merge on the eyelids. Finally, Thuya Professional Line carried out simple manicures but with contrasts, such as French manicure with black, fuchsia and natural shades that let the outfit take centre stage.

In this edition, the event is supported by 4 sponsoring brands and 12 collaborators.

In this edition, the event is being supported by four sponsoring brands, which are Kevin Murphy (official hairdresser), MAC Cosmetics (official make-up), Moco Museum (official cultural contents) and Nobu Hotel Barcelona (official hotel). The event also relies on twelve collaborating brands:Thuya Professional Line (official manicure), Cointreau (official liqueur), Gin Gold (official premium gin), Vallformosa (official cava), Rowenta (official ironing and sanitising), Natur All (official water), La Roca Village (official shopping destination), Incavi (Catalan Vine and Wine Institute), DO Catalunya, DO Montsant and DO Penedès (official wines), and Formatges Can Pujol (official cheese).

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