01_ 25 designers and brands will take part in the 31th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion

The next edition will be held from 2 to 5 May at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

Barcelona, 30 March 2023. 25 fashion designers and brands will present their new collections during the next edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion a fashion platform promoted by the Business and Labour Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government of Catalonia) through the Trade, Crafts and Fashion Consortium (CCAM) which will be held from May 2 to 5 at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona.

The following designers and brands are taking part in this 31st edition (in alphabetical order): 404 STUDIO, Anel Yaos, Bielo_Oscarleon, Compte Spain, Custo Barcelona, Dominnico, Enaut, Escorpion, Free Form Style, Habey Club, Laretta, Lebor Gabala, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Menchen Tomas, Nathalie Chandler, Outsiders Division, Paolo Leduc, Reveligion, Rita Row, Simorra, The Artelier, The Label Edition, Txell Miras, Victor von Schwarz and Yolancris.DESIGNERS AND LABELS404 STUDIO: a fashion brand that seeks uniqueness and reinvents tradition through a modern vision, an interpretation that is conveyed around the world. Its creations have been worn by artists such as Milena Smit or Dua Lipa.ANEL YAOS: creative director Anel Yaos label. Its creations are based on sustainability, inclusiveness and slow fashion. Floral and geometric prints, volumes, decorative elements and layered garments stand out aesthetically.BIELO_OSCARLEON: a modern and sophisticated brand with variations on traditional cuts and a wide variety of textures, which is based on the collaboration between both labels.COMPTE SPAIN: Valencian designer Santi Mozas label. Its exclusive garments are created in a traditional, ethical and sustainable way, while highlighting the craftspeople who work with the brand.CUSTO BARCELONA: an international Catalan fashion label which was created in the 80s by the Dalmau brothers. Over time, research into the use of colour and prints has turned into innovation, boldness and sophistication. CUSTO BARCELONA currently exists as a style in its own right.DOMINNICO: creative director Domingo Rodriguez Lazaros label. It works under the slow fashion premise and features meticulousness in pattern-making, research into new fabrics and sustainability in the processes.ENAUT: Basque designer Enaut Barruetabenas Barcelona label. Winner of the National Award for Emerging Design by the Generalitat de Catalunya.ESCORPION: founded in 1929, it is a benchmark in the international knitwear industry thanks to the sophisticated design and heritage of its collections. Over the years, it has become an icon of timeless and all-round fashion.FREE FORM STYLE: a pioneering brand in designing fashion that is adapted to different disabilities. It is committed to comfort without detriment to elegance, always on the lookout for the latest trends.HABEY CLUB: creatives David Salvador and Javier Zunzuneguis label. Based on “slow fashion”, it focuses on the reuse of fabrics and the use of recycled or 100% organic fibres.LARETTA: designer Lara Serranos label. The brand seeks to create an atmosphere in which tradition and modernity coexist via volumetric pieces, using sustainable fabrics and local production.LEBOR GABALA: designer Maite Munoz label. It is committed to choosing the most refined raw materials while seeking the highest quality.LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE: premium range by LOLA CASADEMUNT, a pioneering fashion company specialising in clothing and accessories. Its collections follow market trends, while reinventing them with the unique brand signature.MENCHEN TOMAS: a label which was founded by the Catalan designer Olga Menches in 1995. She designs, produces and makes her own ready-to-wear, party and bridal collections, as well as exclusive haute couture and custom-made designs for brides.NATHALIE CHANDLER: a Belgian designer and artist based in Barcelona. Her creations combine rock and chic styles, with the aim of awakening the wild side of an elegant woman who breaks the codes of society.OUTSIDERS DIVISION: a label created by David Mendez Alonso in 2012. It designs clothes based on emotions, art and imagination. It works with craftspeople by recovering forgotten techniques and disciplines.PAOLO LEDUC: a label created by fashion designer Paolo Chulia Leduc. The brands cornerstone is tailoring, based on which Leduc deconstructs garments, manipulates fabrics and prints digitally using the “trompe l’oeil” technique with the aim of distorting classic shapes.REVELIGION: a label which was founded by Maite Rodriguez in 2015. It focuses on handcrafted ready-to-wear, with a taste for tulle and romanticism.RITA ROW: a brand which was created in Figueres by Imma Serra and Xenia Semis. It is committed to modern and comfortable designs that last over time, while highlighting the values of conscious and sustainable fashion and local production.SIMORRA: a label which was created by Javier Simorra in 1978 and was innovative at the time for intertwining the production process of sewing with the forms of ready-to- wear clothing. Currently, its value proposition is based on the fabrics conceptualisation, which is specially developed for each collection. It supports functional designs that respond to a transgenerational society.THE ARTELIER: a label which was founded by Alba Ayza in 2020. It creates timeless and genderless garments, using sustainable and ethical materials from local production in Barcelona. It stands out for its own unique prints, which convey feelings and emotions.THE LABEL EDITION: a Barcelona-based label which was created by Veronique Von Siebenthal and Laura Johansson. It focuses on ethical, honest, timeless and exclusive fashion, based on the production of locally made capsules, with limited slow fashion editions. In a mere four years, it has positioned itself as a brand which is coveted by all kinds of audiences, including actresses and influencers.TXELL MIRAS: designer Txell Miras label, one of the most important names in independent Catalan fashion in the last 15 years. Conceptually charged fashion and avant-garde design, with great attention to detail. Best Collection Award in 2016 080 Barcelona Fashion.VICTOR VON SCHWARZ: a fashion designer from Barcelona, born in Sabadell, although he has spent much of his career in Taiwan. He has dressed different artists with an international standing, such as Lola Indigo, Aitana, Mala Rodriguez or Bad Gyal.YOLANCRIS: a label which was created by sisters Yolanda and Cristina Perez with the idea of revolutionising the world of bridal fashion and couture, offering designs that are far from the traditional cliche. It stands out for its boho style, which it pioneered in within the bridal sector. It is committed to the quality and meticulousness of local craftsmanship and production.080 Barcelona Fashion is a fashion platform that aims to promote the transformation of the fashion industry through technological innovation, while working to position Catalonia as an advocate for change in the fashion industry, both nationally and internationally. It also supports Catalan brands throughout their transformation and positioning process. Likewise, 080 Barcelona Fashion is a platform that promotes sustainability and circularity, as well as diversity and inclusiveness.

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