03_ The 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion celebrates its first day with five labels that have presented their proposals based on diversity, sustainability and innovation

  • SIMORRA, THE ARTELIER and LARETTA opened the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion
  • BIELO_OSCARLEON, with its collection Permanecer o Evolucionar (Remain or Evolve), and ESCORPION, a benchmark knitwear brand in the sector, starred in the closing of this first day

Download the images and videos of each brand’s fashion shows here

Tuesday, 2 May 2023 — 080 Barcelona Fashion, which is organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government of Catalonia), opens its 31st edition with proposals by SIMORRA, THE ARTELIER, LARETTA, BIELO_OSCARLEON and ESCORPION, which are the first brands to show their proposals for the coming season. Once again, the venue for Barcelona Fashion Week has been the historical Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.
SIMORRA has kicked off Barcelona Fashion Week. The label was established in Catalonia more than 40 years ago and envisages avant-garde design as a means of expression and creative freedom by playing with materials.
This philosophy comes to the fore in its new collection “IN-TOUCH”, which is designed from embroidered cottons, garments that are entirely made with macrame crafts for dresses or with appliques that are combined with other materials. Tweeds with fresh colours and warm textures that transport you to the upholsteries used in pieces of furniture in summer country homes. Jacquards that draw embossed lines that crisscross and remind us of the white summertime bedspreads that kept you warm in the early mornings. Geometric guipures that copy the hydraulic tiles used on terraces and patios that are protected from the heat. A collection that invites us to connect through our hands with our memories’ tactile landscapes.

For its part, the brand specialising in timeless, genderless and mostly sustainable prints, THE ARTELIER was the second label to walk down the catwalk. A brand without gender or barriers and timeless which has presented a collection inspired by time and how it has an impact on our lives.
“Retiens la nuit” by designer Alba Ayza urges us to reflect on how intangible and valuable time is and how we all experience it in different ways. Garments that convey the concept of the passage of time through shapes that seem to come apart.

LARETTA is a brand that seeks to create an atmosphere where tradition and modernity coexist. It premieres in this edition to present “ACTA EST FABULA”, a collection that is featuring the work “Death and Life” by Gustav Klimt as its starting premise. A series of reflections that are apparently far removed from each other, such as life and death, have led designer Lara Serrano to create a collection with great
contrasts in terms of colour, textures and volumes.

At this great fashion event, the second last label to walk down the catwalk was BIELO_OSCARLEON and its collection “Permanecer o evolucionar” (Remain or evolve). The label is focused on strict experimentation with inventive knitting techniques, hence resulting in unusual structures which are capable of transforming ideas into unimaginable shapes and volumes.

A collection highlighting colour combinations and pattern experimentations with luxury knitwear. Genderless garments that are imbued with Eastern and Western techniques which give rise to surprising materials, hence displaying the brand’s tradition and innovation.

ESCORPION, a repeat Catalan brand at 080 Barcelona Fashion, closed the first day of this 31st edition. The label was established in 1929 and has become a benchmark in the international knitwear sector, while focusing on sustainability through environmentally responsible processes.

Paying tribute to the brand’s flagship product, the sweater, ESCORPION presents “Un jersey ESCORPION” (An ESCORPION Sweater), a collection that is committed to avant-garde and is able to reinterpret its signature work. It is made up of garments that are imbued with the lessons of the past and apply them to the present and the future, while retrieving iconic shapes and volumes. Subtle and delicate yarns that draw elegant and perfect silhouettes, where natural shades prevail, as well as azure, petal and rosewood, which intermingle with grey. A capsule collection that conveys the essence of ESCORPION.

Thus, the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion has unveiled the new trends in a unique atmosphere, where creativity and the brands’ essence have been at the fore.

Sponsors and collaborators of the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion

In this edition, the event features the support of 4 sponsoring brands, i.e. Kevin Murphy
(official hairdresser), MAC Cosmetics (official make-up), Moco Museum (official cultural
contents) and Nobu Hotel Barcelona (official hotel). The event also features
12 collaborating brands. They are as follows: Thuya Professional Line (official
manicure), Cointreau (official liqueur), Gin Gold (official premium gin), Vallformosa
(official cava), Rowenta (official ironing and sanitising), Natur All (official water), La
Roca Village (official shopping destination), Incavi (Catalan Vine and Wine Institute),
DO Catalunya, DO Montsant and DO Penedès (official wines), as well as Formatges
Can Pujol (official cheese).

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