31th Edidion from May 2 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 2 / 2023

The Artelier is a fashion brand founded by Alba Ayza, in 2020 with a passion for fashion and prints. The brand is genderless, timeless, and committed to using mostly sustainable and ecological fabrics. 

All prints are created with OEKO-TEX certified water-based inks, and all production is handmade in Barcelona. The brand's unique prints are at the heart of the company, as each piece has a story to tell. Explore The Artelier and discover the story behind each garment.

Retiens la nuit


The "Retiens la nuit" collection by Alba Ayza is inspired by time and how it influences our lives. The idea is to reflect on the intangible and valuable nature of time, and how we all experience it differently. 

The collection features garments that simulate the concept of the passage of time, with shapes that seem to disintegrate. The song "Retiens la nuit," which gives the collection its
name, was sung to the author by her uncle when she turned 18 and always caught her attention. Now, after 10 years, it makes sense in this collection. 

The existence of time is what allows us to value everything around us, knowing that one day it will come to an end.

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