100 años tejiendo el futuro

What began as a dream has become a passion. Sita Murt returns to the catwalks to celebrate a centenary trajectory, where knitwear and its versatility have knitted a limitless universe that goes beyond fashion.

100 years knitting the future is the legacy of a trajectory that has been forged through experimentation and creativity. A collection that, in essence, represents the brand’s DNA and the union between the firm’s ancestral savoir-faire and new technologies.

It is a collection with personality, where ecru and black coexist with feminine neutrals and tones such as eucalyptus green, butter and honey. A palette of colours that defines and represents the essence of Sita Murt.

As it could not be otherwise, knitwear becomes the centre of this collection where the mixture of yarns and textures originate high quality pieces, thanks to the application of the best mohair and baby alpaca wools, which contrast with viscose rayon and aluminium yarns and almost transparent polyamides.

This visual richness is materialised in the combination of fabrics, creating very elaborate and special pieces, knitted in intarsia and playing with transparencies or with techniques such as flechage to achieve an iridescent stitch.

100 años tejiendo el futuro Collection

100 years of sita murt/

They say that the best stories always begin with a dream. Ours began in 1924, when the desire of innovation and creativity of a pioneering talent, Sita Murt, laid the foundations of a vocation: to take knitwear fashion further.

Sita Murt is the name of this passion and also of the woman who demonstrated the full creative potential of knitwear. Experimenting, creating and innovating, she brought it to the big catwalks. This dream is still alive and has been transformed with us.

Passion for the knitting technique is the soul of this pioneering brand in the textile sector that one hundred years later continues to experiment in this genre and its legacy. A legacy forged from the vision of this avant-garde woman, which today continues in its maximum splendour with the design of Anna Porta and Raquel Cardona, faithful to the essence of the brand and with their sights set on the future.

Sita Murt enters a new era where craftsmanship and technology find a balance in collections where the essence of the brand is kept alive in each and every piece.

Knitwear is for Sita Murt an unlimited universe that goes beyond fashion. That is why we are Knitversality, a new way of seeing, understanding and creating with knitwear. A way in which our dreams are always embodied in knit.

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Raquel Cardona & Anna Porta

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