The art of Braiding

The art of Braiding is inspired by the connection of all those women who braided their stories communally, as a symbol of strength, courage and union in support of a collective life away from individualism. The collection highlights the act of braiding, a time-old act of concentration and meditation, somehow outlining what could become the collaborative processes of tomorrow. 

Fabric is the starting point of SIMORRA clothing, the canvas on which its designs are created. We see fabric as an element capable of conveying emotions and telling valuable stories. 

The art of Braiding Collection

SIMORRA focuses its proposals on the architecture of materials and forms as the basis for functional design with a high creative value. It is the result of a desire to push the boundaries of form to create useful things with a strong aesthetic component.

The brand’s designs are defined not only by the way it draws inspiration from its origins but also by its constant reimagining, which generates a sense of novelty that is meant to thrill those who enjoy their creations.

The SIMORRA design team conceives cutting-edge design as a vehicle for creative expression through the manipulation of materials: ”Our desire is to push the boundaries of form to create useful things with a high aesthetic component, and what defines us is how we continually draw from our origins, constantly reformulating in order to keep generating novelty and continue thrilling with our proposals.”

This philosophy naturally reflects what we present for each collection and the way it engages with a
transgenerational society united by a common purpose, where age is not a discriminatory factor.” We advocate for balance and transgenerational collaboration as the key for a society much more wise, inclusive and with a higher level of development, just as we learn from the past techniques and combine them with new technologies to create our design and fabrics.”

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