31th Edidion from May 2 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 2 / 2023

SIMORRA focuses its proposals on the architecture of materials and shapes as the basis for a functional design of great creative value. This is the result of wanting to use the limits of the shape to create useful things with a significant aesthetic component.

The label’s design is defined not only by the way in which it feeds from its origins, the basis for its inspiration, but also by the way it is constantly reformulated to generate a perception of newness that should move whoever is enjoying it.

The team of designers at SIMORRA therefore see avant-garde design as a vehicle of expression and creative freedom by playing with materials: “We’re motivated by the desire to use the limits of the shape to create useful things with a significant aesthetic component and are defined by the way in which we always feed from our origins, constantly reformulating to continue generating newness and moving people with our proposals”

Of course, this philosophy is reflected in the nuances and proposals of each collection and in the way it questions a trans-generational society connected by one purpose, where age is not a discriminatory factor: “We are committed to the balance and trans-generational collaboration as a key to the future for a more wiser, more inclusive and advanced society, just as we learn from past techniques and use them with new technologies to create our designs and fabrics”.



Exploring with our senses brings us closer to the reality of things, opens us up to another way of seeing and understanding the world. Through touch, we enter a universe of growth and relationship building, enabling us to feel connected by something greater than the digital networks. Touching is remembering, it is recalling the hands that so often caressed us, that so often rocked us, and that will receive this love in return one day to close the circle. Touching is today and yesterday together in the same instant, together in the most intimate of being.

Touching is returning home, to ones memory. In-touch is the collection presented by simorra for ss23. In-touch invites us to connect through our hands with the tactile landscapes of our memories. A proposal that sees fabrics as a space of dialogue in which to draw life stories, highlight trans-generational relationships, the relevance of everyday things, and the beauty of the simplest things. Embroidered cottons reminiscent of table linens drying in the sun and swaying in the breeze, garments made entirely of hand-crafted macrame for dresses or on overlays combined with other materials.

Tweeds with fresh colours and warm textures that transport you to the rich upholsteries used in pieces of furniture in summer country homes. Jacquards that draw embossed lines that cross and are reminiscent of the white summertime bedspreads that kept you warm in the early mornings. Geometric guipures that copy the hydraulic tiles used on terraces and patios protected from the heat. Times in life that speak of who we are and bring us closer to the people under whose watchful eyes we grew up carefree.

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