31th Edidion from May 5 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 5 / 2023

RITA ROW was born ten years ago in 2013 and is made up of two halves: Imma Serra and Xènia Semis.

Imma Serra is a Fashion Design graduate from BAU Barcelona and has a master’s degree in Coolhunting from Central Saint Martins (London). Xènia Semis is a Fashion Design graduate and has a master’s degree in Visual Merchandising from IDEP in Barcelona.

They subsequently both decided to start what is now RITA ROW, fleeing from fast fashion and committed to sustainability and conscious fashion.



Playing with all kinds of textures, volumes, fabrics, and colours, and with the influence of the Western, WEST ROW wants Rita to express herself without limits, with the freedom that characterises her, with some kitsch combinations and a farmer-like touch, creating elegant looks that remain comfortable and contemporary. The expression era starts without limits and complexes. Organic cotton, premium denim, Italian yarns, cashmere, virgin wool, and recycled fibres, as well as other materials. Comfortable fabrics, textures especially selected and exclusive prints that are characteristic of the label are the essential lines of this collection. Each piece has been created from a single point, an idea, and an inspiration of Rita Row, and just like crossing the mountains on the west coast, each garment has been developed on its path towards a selected fabric and shape. Follow the WEST ROW because the person wearing that piece grows, develops, and feels comfortable with the values that the label represents.

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