With this new collection we continue to reinforce the DNA of the brand: Tailoring, craftsmanship, graffiti, rock & punk culture as a pillar of the brand; this time emphasizing the hybrid between tailoring / couture / rock / streetwear, reinforced with our respect for the aesthetic of Mexican gang culture along with the figure of the “cholos” and “Vatos Locos”.

Re-Distorting the classic forms of tailoring, deconstruction of garments, the use of digital printing with the “trompe l’oeil” technique and manipulation of fabrics, reinforcing a take on silhouettes. Based on the inspiration from the origins and multiple facets of the designer.

On the one hand, his Spanish Roots in which he draws on the most baroque essence and excess and on the other, his French roots where he reflects this more classic side and artisanal work. Between sun and shadow, light and darkness; This energy fuels the designs and DNA of the brand. “Les fruits tombent quand ils sont murs 


From childhood to adolescence, Paolo was always painting on walls, trains, scraps of wood, school desks, on his clothes and his own body. He has always created within his own framework, sculpting and feeding his creativity with everything relating to art: theater, cinema and nature.

At one point he decided to formalize his education and enrolled at Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, first studying graphic design and later changing his major to menswear tailoring. Fashion become the frame work were he could fully develop his creativity .

Every morning Paolo draws tattoos on his skin which mark the course of his day. For him nothing is definitive, his way of designing is always in living the moment. Paolo lives between the sun and shadow, light and darkness; this energy fuels his designs and his life. 



TELEPHONE: +34 604 212 515


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Name: Gonzalo Montagut and Ruth Martín
Telephone: +34 604 212 515

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