31th Edidion from May 5 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 5 / 2023

From childhood to adolescence, Paolo was always painting graffiti on walls, trains, scraps of wood, school desks and on his clothes. Paolo created his own frames, sculpted and fed his creativity with everything related to art: theater, cinema, nature…

While Paolo was finding himself, he decided to enrole in university to start a course that would allow him to learn about the different disciplines and areas of the design world.

Fashion brutally hit him. He fell in love with the freedom of creation and jumped into the void, he didn’t even know how a sewing machine worked.

“ Je n’arrive pas à m’exprimer, je n’ai pas les mots pour m’exprimer clairement, parfois ça ne sort pas comme je veux. Quand je crée, c’est un tout autre monde”



Paolo Leduc, “between sun and shade” his sewn or painted works are a reflection of his character.

Tailoring as the cornerstone of the label and the basis for creation, distorting human silhouettes and classical forms of tailoring, with deconstructed garments, the use of digital print with the “trompe l’oeil” technique and fabric manipulation.

The label is inspired by the designer’s origins. On one hand, his Spanish roots, which feed the more baroque and excessive essence of his work. On the other, his French roots that include this more classical and craft work side.

Coming from the world of graffiti, he is inspired by the night time with hints of the punk rock and film culture.

“Les fruits tombent quand ils sont murs”

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