Barcelona will host a unique immersive experience that blends 3D video installations, sound systems, light schemes, and contemporary artistic structures. This exhibition immerses visitors in a profound journey through the intersection of fashion, art, innovation, and inclusion, highlighting artistic structures and installations that complement and elevate the narrative. The aim is to underline the conscious and responsible evolution of the fashion world, offering a fresh and avant-garde perspective on the relationship between these disciplines.

JNORIG offers an even more innovative perspective on fashion, delving into dimensions that highlight digital and technological disciplines. Now, the brand is further committed to challenging established norms in the fashion world, projecting itself into the future without losing its sophisticated, classic, yet avant-garde aesthetic. In this exhibition, Javier Girón presents a capsule collection inspired by the alteration of reality, understood as a mutable interaction between humanity and technology, outlining our interpretation of the world in this digital age. In a time of uncertainty, where context and events demand constant adaptation, the brand proposes a moment of reflection on the world we inhabit and the one we would long to exist in.

Concurrently, Velásquez takes the viewer on an introspective journey with ‘Metempsychosis’. Addressing themes of identity, struggle, and transformation through three symbolic stages and referencing the artist Francis Bacon, we find different artistic installations where the brand’s new capsule collection is presented. Using various perspectives on self-expression of both gender and individual, the brand functions as a tool and platform to raise the voices of the LGBTQI+ community, while proposing circular and responsible creation methodologies within fashion, making us question and analyze our confines and perceptions of metaphysics on both arguments, suggesting a change in conventional narratives.

Studio 1o, housing these two powerful narratives, invites the public to a deep exploration of fashion’s value in the contemporary context. It’s not just an exhibition but a visual and emotional dialogue on how fashion can be a tool for expression, transformation, and social change.


Javier Girón

Mateo Velásquez

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