Ring Ring Rag‑Time

This collection explores various moments in time from diverse perspectives, examining current global events through the lens of everyday human actions. Drawing inspiration from Raphael Ortíz Montañez’s “Ring Ring Rag-Time,” the approach captures frozen moments with repetitive fragmental prints, creating a cathartic experience.  

At its core, the concept delves into the timeless nature of a point from numerous perspectives, much like the infinite nature of π. It celebrates the artistry of transforming the ordinary, engaging in a journey of decon- struction and creation. The impact of overpopulation serves as an additional influence, portraying a study of diverse faces in crowded spaces.  

Rooted in the complexity of modern existence, the collection features subdued colors, sustainable textiles, silk dresses, and a transparent juxtaposition of prints. Embracing a practical yet purposeful design ethos, that present utilitarian pieces with technical precision, functional pockets, raw unfinished hems, and meticulous construction. This blend of functionality coexists with a vibrant, sunlit aspect, infusing a sense of joy and purpose into the narrative.  

Beyond just appearances, the collection encourages observers to explore a narrative journey, uncovering the subtle beauty within fragments. It embodies the untapped potential within each individual, revealed through a blend of artistic expression and purposeful design.  

Ring Ring Rag‑Time Collection

a·cross | əˈkrôs, əˈkräs | 


1 from one side to the other 

2 expressing position or orientation in relation to  

Placed somewhere in between childhood memories, the Andean landscapes of Ecuador, the salty air off the coasts of Spain and the ever changing colors found at the moment right before falling asleep, is Martin Across. A journey of constant exploration, a collection of objects and textures that resides in the frontier between the ethereal and the technological.  

His designs inspired by the sediments, layers and minerals are meant for fellow travelers, explorers of a higher consciousness. Curious voyagers moved by color and transformation.  

Every piece is exquisitely handcrafted in Ecuador with local materials, reconciling the relationship with our planet, with how we produce and consume modern clothing. 

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