Route 66 as the starting point for the new proposal for the next Spring/Summer 2024 season. Colours such as turquoise, green and fuchsia – the brand’s DNA colour – colour the collection and fill it with life and energy. A journey that the brand takes from the vintage motels of Tucson, passing through the desert with garments in toffee and earth tones that emulate the arid shapes of this environment: fluid georgette dresses with maxi snake print, blazers in iridescent fabrics that emulate animals like the chameleon and mini trenchs in rustic fabrics like canvas. A trip that reaches Las Vegas, where the neons and lights of the city inspire you to create garments such as paillette pencil skirts with matching accessories and total layered looks with mini shorts. The contrast of the desert with the big cities makes up the perfect collection for the next season from LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE.


LOLA CASADEMUNT – A leading company in the design, production and sale of women’s clothing and accessories- was established 40 years ago by Lola Casademunt. In 1981, the founder started to create bows, headbands and other hair accessories, all by hand with in a very personal style in the basement of her house in Cardedeu (Barcelona).

Her enthusiasm and ambition meant that her pieces could soon be bought in nearby shops. In less than two years, her taste for detail, her hand-crafted productions, and the use of top quality materials turned LOLA CASADEMUNT into a leading hair accessory company nationwide.

Shortly afterwards, Lola’s daughter Maite Casademunt joined the team after finishing her Design studies. This soon led to a change in the course of the company, enhancing it through the creation of a fashion line. Her non-conforming and enterprising spirit, along with her
capacity to create and passion to dress women in a very unique style, placed the company as one of the leading fashion businesses in Spain.

Since 2018, Maite Casademunt has been at the forefront of the company as the chairwoman and creative director. This generational change has combined the experience of a heritage of more than 40 years with the enthusiasm, originality, and more unique vision of Maite.

At present

LOLA CASADEMUNT is a ground-breaking fashion company with a clothing and accessories line called “LOLA CASADEMUNT” and a premium line, “LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE”. Both lines are renewed every season to offer a total of four collections a year, following the trends set by the market yet reinvented with the unique stamp of the label.



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