May 3

Contacte comercial: 
Aída Gascón 
Contacte de xarxes:  
Nuria Muñoz 
Raquel Rabadán 
Contacte de premsa/comunicació:  
Charo Martín 
Tel +34 915 215 028


Lebor Gabala is the professional endeavor of Maite Muñoz, who learned the trade from pioneers of the fashion industry in this country such as Pedro Morago, Rap Diffusion, or Mila & Tucho Balado.
A lovely sounding name was her first statement. It is the translation of Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn, a set of Gaelic manuscripts of the eleventh century which recounts the founding of Ireland. The fantasy of the stories and the fact that Ireland is so closely tied to the wool tradition, made her decide to adopt the phonetic title, which is pronounced Lebor Gabala in Spanish.
Lebor Gabala chooses always the finest materials in search of the highest quality.



In the autumn/winter 2023/2024 collection we find different length coats and college jackets in a soft mix of wool and alpaca with a jacquard design recalling the Winter frost, and in herringbone or checkerboard in vivid colors. In the same line, a group of plain pullovers, in thin cable and with colored and embroidered argyle.
As for the fabrics, soft corduroys and printed or plain velvets in vivid colors, match with the knitwear made of extra fine Merina wool or cashmere, and adds movement and a more fluid look to the knitting collection. The most wintery touch is given by the scarves and shawls in openwork knitting made in baby alpaca.

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