This collection explores the dynamic relationship between changing realities and our capacity to adapt to outside circumstances. 

The collection covers several themes, including the blurred boundary between reality and artificial intelligence, the impact of technology on our understanding of the tangible world, and the interaction between the familiar and the unknown. 

By incorporating digital elements and 3D printing into physical craftsmanship, we challenge the audience to question their perception of what is real. The collection provokes reflection on the evolutionary nature of reality in the digital age and the impact of technology on our understanding of the tangible world. 

This collection is also inspired by the work of artists Shirley Kaneda and Nobuo Sekine, which triggers an interpretation through the analysis of what we consider real or surreal. 

The abstract paintings of Kaneda disconnect the audience from reality while offering recognisable figures, creating a feeling of contradiction and tension. 

Sekine’s sculptures combine industrial and natural materials, celebrating the beauty found in both realms and challenging the conventional notions of perfection. 

“Systematic disruption” provokes reflection on the ever-changing nature of reality in the digital age, where elements generated virtually and using artificial intelligence merge with physical craftsmanship.

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Originally from Colombia, Javier Girón trained and developed his skills as a designer in Europe and the United States. Moving to Frankfurt at the age of 12, German culture has significantly influenced his thought process and the style of his label. His passion for different disciplines, such as architecture and the study of foreign cultures, combined with his personal experiences, define his creative process. 

Javier Girón studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona and, upon graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to work alongside Jeremy Scott, Creative Director for Moschino. After his time in the United States, Javier returned to Frankfurt following a short stay in London. He worked for six months at Agi & Sam in London, a brand that modernises traditional English tailoring with an urban tribe look. 

On returning to Barcelona in 2017, Javier Girón established a high-end genderfluid brand, focusing on increasing visibility and sales by taking part in showrooms and trade fairs in New York, Paris and Copenhagen. His designs are now sold at selected multi-brand outlets in Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles and Sitges. 

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Javier Andrés Girón


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