‘May’ is a story of beginnings, of vital rethinking, of purposes, of those that are fulfilled and those that are not, of changing habits.

May is a love story.

And as in all beginnings, nerves and vertigo take center stage, speaking during the first part of the collection of that uncertainty that the unknown generates, which is evident through broken and deformed hearts or prints that simulate the sensation of peering into an endless frontage.

As a symbol of the fifth month of the year, the brand takes the fact of drying clothes outside. This appears in the collection through pleats with clips on the shoulders and straps worn out after hours on the clothesline or through drop-shaped necklines.

And since it is a beginning, Habey Club has given more ground to sustainability by introducing engraved textures on recycled denim, in addition to continuing the trail of transparent fabrics (chiffon and knit) and colors (red or beige) that characterize the latest collections giving continuity to certain silhouettes and chromatic fillings.

MAYO Collection

Habey Club is a Spanish brand established in the slow fashion and their main brand values ​​are craftsmanship, sustainability and responsible production. The firm focuses on the reuse of fabrics and the use of recycled or 100% organic fibers.

Also, another fundamental part of the brand are the ideas from which its collections are based. Their inspirations arise from art, cinema, photography, real or made up stories that lead them to concepts that they convert into textures, color combinations, embroidery or careful accessories. In reference to this, David and Javier understand the value of accessories and how they complete looks both on the catwalk, which is why a key part of their work is the complementary collections of accessories, which help to completely outline the Habey Club aesthetic in each collection.

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