Mycorrhizal is a collection inspired by mycorrhizae; symbiotic relationship between the roots of fungi and plants. The organisms that participate in this relationship obtain benefits from each other. These relationships are essential for the survival of ecosystems.  

Events like this have arisen in random ways, like the vast majority of events that surround us. In a universe where chaos and randomness dominate, everything seems to reach a balance, an order. Everything around us is connected to each other and has a relationship of dependence to establish order within this chaos.  

So, in this collection I wanted to experiment with volumes, silhouettes, prints and colors, seeking to convey harmony and delicacy within total chaos. Combining details of classic garments, which through modeling and collage, have become totally experimental. 

Mycorrhizal Collection

Guillermo Justicia is a 24-year-old Catalan designer living in Barcelona.  

After graduating in Environmental Sciences, he completed the Master in Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Barcelona.  

His master’s thesis caught the attention of the press, appearing in magazines such as Vogue, L’Officiel, Sicky Magazine and MMSCENE, among others. He also dressed artists like Raoul Vázquez, Sofia Coll and Renata Zanchi.  

Guillermo Justicia will present his first collection, called “Mycorrhizal”, at 080 Barcelona Fashion.  

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