We talk about humans. As a living being, like an insect. In their best form. On one hand, as a creator. In contact with the world or, on the other hand, in the service of destruction and plague. The earth.

Inspired by the concept of the connection between beings and environments. Insects as a concept of comparison, destruction that turns into transformation in the search for balance. The power of metamorphosis and adaptability.

They are insects, humans, trying to undergo metamorphosis, evolution. Those who, despite knowing destruction, think of transforming it into creation. And they gather it in a family. Collection for men and women, genderless and timeless2024. Adaptable and transformable pieces. Divided into different lines, sharing volumes, shapes, and finishes to unify it in color and textures. The first line is white and pure, with romantic touches and an airy feel. Starting like the birth of any being. The next one continues with light colors and shades of white and beige. Staining the next line in black, with minimalist touches mixing styles, textures in completely black looks.

Under inspiration, we use natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, bamboo fiber, Tencel. Materials with recycled fibers, off-stock lengths, and upcycling in one of the collection’s lines

02 PLAGUE Collection

Marcos Gamón; born in Valencia, 1993. He grew up for years surrounded by knitwear pieces in a small women’s fashion store owned by his mother. Always interested in art and design, he decided to study fashion design. He received special mention in the womenswear section “Valencia Crea 2015” and the Silverpret-a-porter collection “International Fashion Awards 2016” with his project “WW.0 Collection.”

He soon moved to Barcelona to continue his education, studying the Master’s in fashion design and creative direction. Since 2015, he did an internship at the”Juan Vidal” studio, worked as a stylist, and was part of the team at the “Jnorig”studio for the “080 BCN Fashion week 2019.”

Later, he moved to London where he worked at the “David Koma London” studio for the “London Fashion Week” in 2020 and 2021. In late 2022, “GA GÓ Ó STUDIO” was born in a London house. As the brand name founded in Barcelona in 2023 by the designer.


Marcos Gamón

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