“Re-connection” is a journey through time and space. A thread connecting the past with the future. A place where paths cross, connections occur, and feelings are turned into ideas. It is a sensory experience that envelops and connects. An exchange of inspirations. 

Their universe is knitwear. Each item is a window to tomorrow, where fashion meets technology and creativity, giving life to designs that are more than mere garments, they are visual narratives that anticipate the next chapter in the evolution of Escorpion. 

The Escorpion FW24 collection is construed as a multicultural journey. 

An inspiring re-connection that gives shape and colour to knitwear, its eternal protagonist. Jacquards and prints with pixelated flowers in line with the digital theme.  

A lilac colour palette in keeping with the future dusk trend. We blend soft yarns with noble fabrics such as wool, silk and viscose. Oversized bomber jackets, shorts and cropped tops with houndstooth. Knit sweatshirts and dresses combined with culottes and extra long trousers create contemporary shapes. Neutral tones with a matcha green hint as a shout out to sustainability and a nod to nature. 

To shine on winter evenings, wool yarns are mixed with lurex in elegant long maxi dresses, marking feminine shapes and giving a sophisticated touch to special moments. They opt for the warmth of knitted accessories that elegantly wrap around the woman of the next winter season. 

For Escorpion, the 080 Barcelona fashion show involves the power of transforming the ordinary (from its more commercial collections) into extraordinary (cutting-edge studio garments). 


Founded in 1929, Escorpion is a benchmark in the international knitwear sector thanks to the sophisticated design and heritage of its collections. 

The Escorpion sweater has transcended generations as the most essential knitwear of a woman’s wardrobe, so timeless and versatile that it has become a fashion icon. From its headquarters in Igualada and Barcelona, Escorpion stands for fashion and sustainability, created using environment-friendly processes. 

 In 2024, Jessica Raya is taking over from Carles Gracia as the firm’s creative director. Standing behind the legacy of the brand, she will give a more modern perspective to its collections.  

At present, Escorpion sells its garments in 900 stores throughout over 20 countries. In Spain, its collections are available in multi-brand boutiques and El Corte Inglés centres throughout the country. 

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