31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023

Dominnico 2016-2022 dominnico is a pret-a-porter label that was established in barcelona in 2016 by its creative director domingo rodriguez lazaro (1994). The firm, which operates under the premise of slow fashion and is characterised by the attention to detail in its patterns, its research into new fabrics and materials, the sustainability of its processes, and its futuristic vision of fashion to target a heterogeneous audience in which the values of inclusion and freedom form the common thread of all its collections.

The first collection by dominnico, titled unusual dichotomy, was presented in budapest during the european fashion union. The following year, the label gained popularity in the world of fashion and it presented its next collection, revolution & decadence, at the mercedes-benz fashion week madrid. Just one year later in july 2019, once again at the mercedes-benz fashion week madrid and thanks to its success with the collection neil for fw 19/20, dominnico presented harajuku kids for summer 2020 and was awarded the mercedes-benz fashion talent award. This same collection was also presented at the mbfw in tbilisi, georgia.

In 2019, dominnico created an exclusive collection along with the singer rosalia for her emq tour. On 31st january 2020, it presented idolatria at mbfw madrid, joining the list of acclaimed designers of the most relevant fashion platform in the country. In september 2020, it presented uhura at mbfw madrid and, in october of that same year, it was runner up in the prestigious who s on next award by vogue magazine.

In november, the designer signed the video clip of lali esposito with sony music. In april 2021, dominnico presented omega aw 2021/22 as part of the off calendar at mbfw madrid, and dominnico was once again nominated for that years edition of the who s on next award by vogue magazine. In september, it presented the collection extra life spring 2022 independently through the labels digital channels. In october, dominnico won the who s on next award by vogue and became part of the won generation of vogue spain.

Its latest collection is lovercross fall 22/23, which was presented last march at mbfw madrid. In this collection, dominnico has worked with labels and artists such as cachorro lozano and andrei warren from misato studio, and recorded a small 3d fashion film for rowenta. Labels such as new rock, cuple and suritt put their signatures to the accessory collection. Lady gaga, beyonce, rosalia, dua lipa and aitana are just some of the celebrities to remain true to the label, ensuring its major presence on social media and in the international press, where dominnico is present in magazines such as vogue runway, cosmopolitan, harper s bazaar, glamour, hola fashion and fashion united.



The collection dildom fall 23 arose from the need to continue creating an idea of union and inclusive community beyond fashion itself. This proposal is made up of 25 looks in which recognisable pieces that already form part of the labels identity are linked, resulting in an inspiration that looks to artistic trends

such as marcel duchamps dadaism; the conceptual art of brothers jake and dinos chapman; the contemporary artist anna uddemberg; the object designer, anthony redmile or the provocative aesthetics of a clockwork orange by stanley kubrick and the dystopian novel brave new world by aldous huxley.

The application of bdsm elements on milky-coloured garments gives a certain sweetness to this freedom-based collection as a reflection of contemporary society, indicates domingo rodriguez lazaro, creative director of dominnico.

In terms of the materials and fabrics, mostly remains of stock, most noteworthy is the patent leather, the leather, and the tibetan fur, as well as the beading, taffeta, and tencel, giving asymmetrical-cut shapes and strategic openings joined by buckles and clasps with the labels isologo.

Sports clothing, engines, applications, and trimmings with sexual connotations are key parts of this proposal in which we dont create clothing to ride a motorbike but instead use materials and fabrics with which we could dress the bike itself, says the designer.

The colours -which flow between shades such as mint green, sky blue or baby pink and other more powerful fruit colours such as tangerine or strawberry- form the palette of this futuristic collection that uses fashion for individual vindication.

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