Happy Ending

“And they lived happily ever after” or “That was the end of that” … are phrases that are etched in our minds when we think of the endings of the stories we were told as children. From an early age, we get used to the fact that many stories, books or films end with a beautiful and comforting resolution, so why should we make the audience suffer with tragic endings? ⁠After all, the real world is complicated enough as it is and even cruel more often than not. Not all endings may be as beautiful as we imagine them to be, as there are sad and unhappy endings. In literature and oral tradition, the special feature of the latter is that they force us to face the most bitter aspects of real life. We always think of the happy endings we encounter in classic Hollywood films, where he gets her right at “THE END”. However, these “happy endings” involve a duality. Sometimes, a happy ending entails death and, sometimes, sex.  


“Happy Ending” is not about the typical happy endings, as final decisions may also be sad, even if they result in personal growth as well. We consider this collection a way to understand changes, a liberation from the previously established and the creation of a new story to break the mould and be explicit. “Happy Ending” is COMPTE SPAIN’s proposal for 2024, which is inspired by the endings of fairy tales and stories from the popular imagination.  


In this new story, COMPTE SPAIN have designed garments to convey the emotion and shock we experience when witnessing a satisfactory outcome. It is about understanding what an ending would be for us, and we want to consider that happy ending as the climax of the story, the moment of orgasm where satisfaction peaks.  


Happy endings do not necessarily have to be sweet and romantic. With this collection, COMPTE SPAIN dares to explore the most intimate and sensual nooks of our favourite stories to make people, once again, question everything we have been told since we were children.

Happy Ending Collection

COMPTE SPAIN is a Spanish ready-to-wear fashion brand that conveys stories and creates fashion through them. The brand creates its collections based on the imagery of stories and everything that is closely related to them, which is the leitmotif of the label. Stories are discussed from another viewpoint and decontextualised, although the debates do not directly revolve around the story’s main idea. 

COMPTE SPAIN creates its garments in a handcrafted and ethical way. Its collections are 100% handmade in Spain. For COMPTE SPAIN, local production is important, as well as respecting the creation and design process, especially to the artisans who work and collaborate with the brand,  thus achieving the value their garments deserve. The brand works on a drop-by-drop basis, while providing unique creations that avoid overproduction, hence offering exclusive attention to customers by following up on their ideas and guiding them to create the garment that suits their body and their dreams.  

COMPTE SPAIN is a clear commitment to signature fashion, slow fashion and 100% local manufacturing. It uses top quality techniques, materials and fabrics. COMPTE SPAIN produces locally and in a controlled manner to avoid overstocking, reduce environmental impact and promote ethical and responsible consumption, because it loves fashion and respects our planet. 



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