Inspired by the homonymous Greek myth, Cherry Massia presents a collection on the union between the soul and love, reflecting on the idea that this cannot be found outside but inside us.  

Through the figure of Psyche, who embarks on her own heroic path, an evolution is presented that develops concepts such as femininity, the descent to the underworld, and the connection with spirituality. 

The character is seen as a heroine in her own right, where the power to create her own destiny is more closely related to a process of inner conquest than to war, thus changing the concept of the heroic roles and building a metaphoric progression of the soul’s struggle in its search for self-love and for life. 

Colours such as cherry red, black, off-white or silver grey evoke love, sacrifice, the power of creation and of destruction, serenity, passion, and harmony between the psychic plane and the material universe. 

Pieces therefore converge that move between structure and flow, with elements inspired by corsetry readapted to a functional aesthetic, cut-out details resulting in organic and gathered shapes that fit the body to give a powerful, sensual and ethereal silhouette. 

EROS Y PSYCHE Collection

Cherry Massia reinterprets the codes of haute couture, combining them with an underground look with a strong message behind it. 

Irene R. Massia (Seville, 1995) has presented her collections on runways and at shows in Madrid and Paris, dressing many different celebrities from the world of music and entertainment throughout her career, including Milena Smit, Nathy Peluso, Aitana, Blanca Suárez, Lola Índigo, Ana Torroja, and Carolina Yuste. 

Combining philosophy, mythology and fashion, and always working on femininity, her garments produce a dialogue between her own emotions and the world surrounding her, narrating stories in which strength, dualism and evolution are always present. 



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