The Bather

Time to relax and recover, The Bather, is light and free underwater. Similar to the confined sensation you have in a bathroom, a deep feeling of freedom arises, where the absence of clothing turns into an emblematic sense of liberation. 

Bielo’s collection embarks on a journey exploring the essence of deepest relaxation, focusing on the use of lightweight knits, jacquard, intarsia, embroidery and fringe. Inspired by the atmosphere of Turkish baths, the vibrant palettes of Peter Doig’s paintings and the art of diving in Korea, this collection emerges in diverse cultural narratives. Focusing on dry cotton, linen, silk and super light cashmere, each garment becomes a blend of art and craft. As the pieces are worn, they evoke a deep sense of comfort and peace, leading to a state of unparalleled relaxation. You can lose yourself in their comfort and momentarily forget about the presence of the garments altogether.

The Bather Collection
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An hour’s drive from Barcelona takes you through the mountains to La Llacuna. It seems an unlikely place to discover luxury, but this small town with less than 900 inhabitants remains the best-kept secret of some of Europe’s largest fashion houses. La Llacuna joined the international fashion map thanks to its factory and knitting workshop run by the Puig Romeu family, who have been knitwear producers since the 1980s. 

The Puig Romeu family managed to make their factory grow in an innovative global environment. The most significant turning point was the unexpected connection with Japanese craftmanship. Driven by their passion for Japanese textiles, the family business became a unique manufacturer by combining Catalan and Japanese weaving traditions. The merging of Western and Eastern techniques resulted in surprising and exceptional materials. 

Josep Puig Romeu, the youngest of the family, connected at a very young age with his family’s manufacturing heritage. With his delicate and experimental aesthetics, surrounded and supported by related creations, Josep established his own brand, Bielo. The brand combines the refreshing fashion look with the experience and knowledge acquired throughout his career. The result is modern and refined, transforming and revolutionizing traditional patterns. Josep Puig Romeu and his team rigorously experiment with innovative weaving techniques that result in unusual structures, transforming their ideas into shapes and volume. Each collection is marked by distinctive and bold color combinations, always experimenting with new patterns, new knitting techniques and the best raw materials. 

The tranquility of the location reflects the brand’s aesthetic along with its colors and textures. When you explore As you enter Bielo and its collection, you discover a sense of freedom, a visionary look and a deceptively simple feeling,  but with a long way to go and distinguished potential. 

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