31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023

Anel Yaos’ aesthetic universe conveys, through her collections, of her inner world and the way her generation felt, raising issues in her proposals such as the fears we carry inside us, the aesthetic pressure, the disturbing sensation of having to reach a goal or to belong to a group and the fact of being able to feel absolute happiness.

As for inspiration acting as a benchmark, the floral and geometric prints of the 70s and 80s, the volumes and ornaments of 18th-century painting and the layering of the 90s stand out.

In 2005, Anel Yaos studied at the Seville School of Art. In 2007, she studied Window Dressing at the Seville School of Art; in 2009, Fashion Design and Management at the Ceade-Leonardo School, Seville; in 2014, Fashion and Communication (innovation, creativity and new professional challenges) at the Pablo de Olavide School, Seville; and in 2014, she studied a master’s degree in Styling, Art Direction and Advertising at the Higher School of Design and Fashion, Felicidad Duce, in Barcelona.

Anel Yaos presented her first A/W 14 collection, entitled The Other Side of Heaven, at the Pasarela Andalucía de Moda fashion show, where she wins the Award for Best Young Designer in Andalusia. With this proposal, she won the prize for the best collection at the Lesley Nicole Sekulich Awards contest, while walking down the catwalk along with the latter at the Valencia Fashion Week. She presents a repeat show on this catwalk with her second S/S 14 collection, Rohumine, and won the award for Best Designer of the Season, walking again down the catwalk at the VFW with her third S/S 15 2255 collection.

From then on, she has presented all her collections at the EGO Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Showroom for fifteen seasons.

In 2017, she presented her A/W 18 Odaxelagnia collection on the 080 BCN Fashion catwalk. Subsequently, she presented her new collections A/W 19 Ansia, A/W 20 Paradise and A/W 21 Monsters on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk. Lastly, she presents Drop Encarni 22 inspired by her mother.



Beings without any name or shape, intangible creatures, entities, perhaps also aquatic, have been around me since I was a child, stirring a feeling of pleasant calm or, on the contrary, of incomprehensible fear, which made me think that I am not alone. They appear in dreams, in a watery form, like a misty consciousness, like flowing mermaids, whereas, without falling into mysticism, I imagine them as souls that touch the bottom of the sea, lie down on shells, corals and stars to rise later to the surface, through the mist, following the current of a great veil of salt water”

DEEP 2023 reflects the fluidity of light fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and cotton, with regard to the ultimate nature of velvet and neoprene under the prism of a fascinating conversation of prints and colours that fit together harmoniously. The layering featured in Anel Yaos’ styling is simplified to the point of becoming minimalist.

This collection, made up of 22 looks, is shown from a new perspective, in which the romantic universe, the 70s and 80s, nomads, evolution and the marginal world are still present.

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