“I like to think of 404 Studio as an anomaly, as a way of differentiating in fashion by reinventing tradition and searching for its uniqueness. This is what sets 404 Studio apart from the other brands in the market, this anomaly that is present in all the hand-crafted products. Hence our logo, which represents that small difference in level, that imperceptible glitch, the mark of each artisan.  

What is craftsmanship? It’s not a frayed dress or using untreated materials or the colour beige as a flagship, it’s not a type of look or a product, it’s a form of work.  

Ultimately, why does someone wanting to create the same product with the same elements and materials end up creating something completely different? It’s like a potato omelette. Two people with the same potatoes, the same oil and the same eggs make a different omelette. What makes them different?
Their touch. The personality of the person behind them.  

404 Studio is progressing towards EVOLUTIONARY CRAFTSMANSHIP as a form of development and change, but also as a way of returning to our roots.  

Craftsmanship is also memory, it’s humanity.
In the near future, craftsmanship might be the way of teaching mankind how to be human, how to return to our roots.  

If you’re not familiar with craftsmanship because you live in a digital world, how do you know what being a human is?”  

This collection is inspired by the anime film “Ghost in the Shell”. We use the soul of the machine as a reference and its construction with the juxtaposition of hardware and software as layers for creating mechanical elements. We validate the ties of consumerism and the scarcity of raw materials, with a “Mad Max” and “Ghost in the Shell” type future in mind, using the possible “Sustainable war” that is referred to in “Ghost in the shell” as the idea.  

What will happen in a future in which quantum computing is just around the corner? Will we lose our identity due to the possible technological override? As humans, will we continue to understand the frailty of our existence? Will we understand craftsmanship as a form of salvation?  

Let’s question the future. 

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Anaïs Vauxcelles, a Fine Arts graduate from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with a master’s degree in Communication and Art Direction from Elisava (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), is the designer and founder of 404 Studio, a label she has shown at MBFW Madrid, London Fashion Week (ON OFF scouting of talent, such as JW Anderson and Peter Pilotto) and Los Angeles Fashion Week. 

404 Studio has presented its collections at private events in SILENCIO, Paris and Soho House Barcelona. Its clients include Dua Lipa, Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, CL, and Madame de Rosa. 

With 404 Studio, the designer won the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award in September 2021 during MBFW Madrid. 

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