The DO Terra Alta, one of the 7 historical appellations of origin of Catalonia, is the southernmost Catalan wine region, located between the Ebro river and the lands of Matarraña. Its geographical location has a high landscape value, however the Ebro Lands have been recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, with a huge wine potential. Already in the 17th century there are witnesses that leave evidence of a plantation in Gandesa called vernatxa.

Currently, 33% of the world’s Garnacha blanca is grown in Terra Alta, a percentage that represents 75% of the production in Spain and 90% of the Garnacha blanca in Catalonia. The Terra Alta DO is, without a doubt, the soul of Garnacha blanca. So much so that it has a specific control label for 100% Garnacha blanca.

The wines

The DO Terra Alta offers fine wines, distinguished by their strength and character. A Terra Alta is rooted in chalky soils, grows with the Mediterranean sun and is made with care. The white wines are the best known and recognized. Mostly made with white Grenache, the importance of Grenache and a specific culture of understanding its production make these wines the ones that best express the terroir and culture of the DO Terra Alta, and make them worthy of a specific guarantee label, the Terra Alta Garnacha Blanca 100X100. The red wines stand out for their Mediterranean character. The uniqueness and quality is completed with 4 types of liqueur wines: natural sweet wines, mistelas -white and black- and rancid wines, all of them obtained from overripe Garnacha clusters.

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