02_ The 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion emphasises diversity

  • The Director General of Commerce, Jordi Torrades Aladren, the Director of the Trade, Crafts and Fashion Consortium of Catalonia, Agnès Russiñol Amat, and the President of the Catalan Women’s Institute, Meritxell Benedí Altés, have presented the new features of this year’s edition
  • 080 Barcelona Fashion is committed to the diversity of bodies, sizes, functions and gender, while emphasising sustainability and circularity
  • This edition features an inclusive fashion show which has been organised together with the Catalan Women’s Institute with the aim of raising awareness of body neutrality and functional diversity

Wednesday, 24 April 2023.— This year, 080 Barcelona Fashion claims its commitment to sustainability and circularity, while emphasising diversity in terms of bodies, sizes, functions and gender. The Director General of Commerce, Jordi Torrades Aladren, and the Director of the Trade, Crafts and Fashion Consortium of Catalonia (CCAM), Agnès Russiñol Amat, explained the above during the press conference, where the main new features and contents of the 31st edition of the Catalan fashion week were presented. They were accompanied at the event by the President of the Catalan Women’s Institute (ICD), Meritxell Benedí Altés.

In this edition, the commitment to diversity will permeate both the casting stage, based on inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism, and the brands, as they are committed to the values of 080 Barcelona Fashion and aware of them. Thus, for the first time in the history of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the CCAM and the ICD will carry out an action to raise awareness about body neutrality and functional diversity, i.e. an inclusive fashion show through the Free Form Style brand. This activity is part of the Action Plan promoted by the Government through the ICD to fight aesthetic pressure in 2023-2026, as explained by Meritxell Benedí Altés, the President of the Catalan Women’s Institute.

In addition to diversity, 080 Barcelona Fashion is an event devoted to sustainability and circularity, without forgetting other challenges of the platform, such as internationalisation, the digital transformation of brands, innovation and creativity. In an ongoing dialogue with designers and fashion brands, the collections shown at the 080 editions increasingly incorporate this perspective. Recycled, sustainable fabrics and timeless collections are just a few examples of what will be seen in the creative proposals of this year’s edition.

The 080 Barcelona Fashion event

The 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion will feature a total of 25 fashion shows, two more than in the previous edition. The line-up, made up of 25 designers and brands, includes: 404 Studio, Anel Yaos, Bielo_Oscarleon, Compte Spain, Custo, Dominnico, Eñaut, Escorpion, Free Form Style, Habey Club, Laretta, Lebor Gabala, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Menchen Tomas, Nathalie Chandler, Outsiders Division, Paolo Leduc, Reveligion, Rita Row, Simorra, The Artelier, The Label Edition, Txell Miras, Victor Von Schwarz and Yolancris. 

In this edition, the proposals will be more eclectic, from the most avant-garde to the most mainstream collections. Labels from all segments combine emerging brands and others that are more established, committed and aware of the values of 080 Barcelona Fashion. You will be able to enjoy sustainable and circular collections featuring inclusive and genderless as well as increasingly timeless fashion.

From 2 to 5 May, the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site will be the setting for the fashion shows and activities taking place during 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Sponsors and collaborators of the 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion
In this edition, the event is being supported by four sponsoring brands, which are Kevin Murphy (official hairdresser), MAC Cosmetics (official make-up), Moco Museum (official cultural contents) and Nobu Hotel Barcelona (official hotel). The event also relies on twelve collaborating brands:Thuya Professional Line (official manicure), Cointreau (official liqueur), Gin Gold (official premium gin), Vallformosa (official cava), Rowenta (official ironing and sanitising), Natur All (official water), La Roca Village (official shopping destination), Incavi (Catalan Vine and Wine Institute), DO Catalunya, DO Montsant and DO Penedès (official wines), and Formatges Can Pujol (official cheese).

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