desgavellar-se en l’ ombra

Scrambling in the shadows

Through monochromatic groups, the silhouettes are enveloped by the fabric as if it were a second skin. 

Little by little, like a snake, this skin comes off the body, and dragging it like a shadow, it leaves, where a wound now lies, a space for a new idea to grow again, a new “I”. 

Clothing perceived as a cave to curl up in from this somnambulistic state in which – like a portrait of Francis Bacon – you feel out of focus and disfigured. 

And in the process of undoing and letting go, pockets and overburdened backpacks will have to be emptied and established patterns deconstructed. 

“My body broke down, fell apart… and came back together again” 

 “The night crept into the room and enveloped her slender figure in a flowing shadow” 

Haruki Murakami “Dance, Dance, Dance” 

Colors: black, anthracite, makeup, beige, navy, sand and greenish blue. 

Fabrics: Wool, viscose, silk, neoprene, knitted jacquard, plush, voile, knitted crepe, diplomatic. 

desgavellar-se en l’ ombra Collection

Own brand since 2004.  

She has worked for Neil Barrett’s women’s line from 2003 to 2016.  

2016: Award for the Best Collection of 080 Barcelona Fashion.  

2010: On/Off at the London Fashion Week.  

2009: Nominated for the London International Creative Competition.  

2007: Finalist of the Mango Fashion Awards “El Botó” and finalist of the Gen Art New York Fashion Awards. Included in the book European Young Fashion Designers (Ed. Daab).  

2006: “Barcelona és moda” (Barcelona is Fashionable) Award for the Best Industry Professional.  

2005: Lancôme Prize as the year’s Best Young Designer at the Passarel·la Gaudí (Gaudí Catwalk).  

Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. 

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