A visit to Santa Capella in Paris. A live journey through the ‘lle de la ci cición’, born from the memories of the past and taking us to a new dimension, a meeting point between today’s tourist and the most sophisticated ladies of high society in Paris, where past and present go hand in hand to give life to today’s woman: free, inspiring, intelligent and without rules. A woman who carries elegance in her DNA, as something intrinsic to her very being.

Immersed in this jewel of French Gothic architecture in full restoration, 10 metres above the floor of Santa Capella, we will see how Gothic structures, hydraulic floors and the star-shaped roof come to life to give way to this new collection. A great trick where nothing is what it seems.

So, inspired by the experience of Parisian tourism, we give shape to new looks with silhouettes committed to volume, combining Gothic structures that move to skirts, columns and cotillas; with reinterpreted urban elements and taken to the highest level.

We bring to life the colour that recalls the stone, the colourful stained glass and the characteristic blue sky of Sainte-Chapelle, with the gold of its nerves.

And we open up to innovation in materials, with the use of wetsuits, velvets and cups that build a rehabilitated dress, made with fabrics from the present and the past, reusing materials from previous collections and rescued pieces from cupboards and second-hand shops.

Bosses “animal shaped”, stamped with a renewed “animal print” and jewels “animal impact” release the leopards captured by the floor of the chapel. Flying jackets take over from medieval clerical hats to give life to new silhouettes that empower today’s woman. And bold touches highlight the evolution, the social shock and the difference in class between the Middle Ages and today.

A visit to the 4th dimension, which allows us to reinterpret what we thought we had learnt, through a daring play between the present, the past and the future, which combines cancans and quarries with elements of the new technological age, illustrating the evolution of a class society that, after more than 500 years, still speaks of power. The question now is: how is power measured in the 21st century?

A proposal full of meaning that once again combines urban fashion with the highest design, in the purest LARHHA style. A signature that, with this collection, reaffirms its desire to bring haute couture down to street level, like the great architectural works of recent times.

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Larhha was born in 2020 with the aim of combining urban fashion with the highest level of design. A vision born from the union of the two great passions of its founder and creative director, Miguel Marín Lara: architecture and haute couture.

The brand responds to the avant-garde of today’s world, giving life to timeless collections that are the result of research, the fusion of opposing poles and the meeting of past, present and future. A holistic vision of design that allows the classic volumes and silhouettes of past decades to be updated through the use of new materials and contemporary technical finishes.

Miguel Marín Lara was born in Montoro, Cordoba, and studied architecture in Madrid, where he currently lives. Although he worked as an architect for 10 years, he has always been a tireless fashion enthusiast and remembers his childhood immersed in the world of sewing in his family environment, which led to an eternal love of design.

In 2019, he decided to combine his two passions by studying a Postgraduate in Architecture, Fashion and Design at ETSAM. In 2020, the final project of his postgraduate studies led him to create LARHHA, a company that presents a unique artistic proposal that the designer himself calls “Hood Couture”, because of his willingness to bring haute couture to the street, as happens with the great architectural works that inspire his collections.

Through Larhha Collection, where pr-t – à- porter’s collections are designed, and Larhha Label, the label design workshop, the brand offers fashion that, like architecture, responds to 3 main principles:

Utility, to satisfy the aspirations of today’s woman.

Strength, to adapt to the environment and survive over time.

And beauty, in the broadest sense of the word.

In March 2021, LARHHA was presented at Code’41 during the Andalusian Fashion Week and in October 2022 at the 080 BCN Fashion catwalk. In 2023, thanks to the acceptance and publications in media such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, LARHHA took another step and opened its own workshop in Madrid.

In 2024, LARHHA presents its new collection “SAINTE CHAPELLE”. A proposal full of meaning with which the designer reaffirms his position on the Spanish fashion scene.

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Miguel Jesús Marín Lara

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