31th Edidion from May 2 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 2 / 2023

The Laretta brand came into being out of the dream and hope of young designer Lara Serrano, who, after graduating in economics, decided that her path had to be a different one and, turning her career completely around, decided to enrol in the master’s degree in fashion design at IED Barcelona.

Subsequently, she established the Laretta brand, with which she seeks to create an atmosphere where tradition and modernity coexist through volumetric garments, while always using sustainable fabrics and local production.



The starting point of the collection is Gustav Klimt’s work “Death and Life”, which has led me to reflect and capture what it means to me. There are many philosophers who ponder on life and death on a daily basis. Both terms would seem to be antonyms, but what if they are not as far apart as we think? What if death and life go hand in hand? These thoughts are what have led me to represent the collection through pieces with great contrasts in terms of colour, textures and volumes.

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