Side effects

Side effects is a clear example of how we focus on pleasing, on fitting in, on blurring our boundaries and drawing new ones, all with the aim of transforming ourselves and projecting something new, something remote from our true selves. 

They started the collection after watching the Norwegian film Sick of Myself, in which humour and drama are used to discuss the constant feeling of filling our voids, of being the centre of conversation, of putting ourselves in the spotlight and attracting everyone’s attention. Everyone sets the price to be paid, along with the goal. 

This enables us to relate to everyone that becomes the icing on the cake, paying no heed to the side effects. All this is reflected in a collection full of different textures in which ‘conventional’ garments take on a new meaning through feathers that appear under knit puffer jackets or embroideries of piercings suggestive of a new skin. 

All these changes also often result in delusions and the search for compassion, making you fragile and vulnerable to those attempting to lavish you: the room is filled with roses and wrapping paper. 

Side effects Collection

Habey Club is a Spanish brand established in the slow fashion and their main brand values ​​are craftsmanship, sustainability and responsible production. The firm focuses on the reuse of fabrics and the use of recycled or 100% organic fibers. 

Also, another fundamental part of the brand are the ideas from which its collections are based. Their inspirations arise from art, cinema, photography, real or made up stories that lead them to concepts that they convert into textures, color combinations, embroidery or careful accessories. In reference to this, David and Javier understand the value of accessories and how they complete looks both on the catwalk, which is why a key part of their work is the complementary collections of accessories, which help to completely outline the Habey Club aesthetic in each collection. 

Their Spring Summer 23 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion marked a before and after for the brand. After this, they have achieved great achievements, positioning the brand at a higher level nationally and internationally. A good example of this new stage for the brand has been being one of the three finalists of Vogue Fashion Fund by Vogue Spain in 2023 or dressing Rosalía during her European tour. 


David Salvador y Javier Zunzunegui


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