We’re worrying too much about the end.
What if it’s closer than we think and this is the last time we can dance?
May the end catch us celebrating.
Tenth collection special.

HAMAR Collection
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A designer born in Gipuzcoa and based in Barcelona. In 2017, he graduated in Fashion Design at the IED and, after a few months in the industry, going through slow fashion and fast fashion, he felt that it was time to go solo, creating EÑAUT in September 2018. In 2018, he won the REC.0/080 Barcelona Fashion contest for Best Designer. He debuted at 080 Barcelona Fashion in June 2019 and won the award for Best Emerging Design Collection. In 2022, he entered the world of education with the coordination of a master’s degree and teaching classes at IED Barcelona. With a minimalistic aesthetic and a sustainable vision, EÑAUT is presenting its seventh collection.

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Eñaut Barruetabeña


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