31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023


31th Edidion from May 4 / 2023

Custo Barcelona was created at the start of the 80s by the Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, following a long journey which took them around the world. On their way they discovered not only new horizons but also a huge swathe of artistic, cultural and philosophical influences.

One of the elements that most attracted their attention was the style in California, expressed in the look of the surfers living to the south of the State, as well as the psychodelia of the northern part. The innovative fashion - full of color - that they found there impressed them, especially a style of T-shirts that did not exist in Spain at that point.

Using this as a starting-point, the brand was launched under the name of Custo Line. The Dalmau brothers began to work learning as much as possible about printing techniques and their finishes, placing particular attention on the area of graphic design, with which they felt particularly comfortable. Over time, research into the use of color and prints turned predominantly innovative, bold and sophisticated.

Custo Barcelona could currently be claimed to exist as a style in itself which to a certain extent suggests a particular way of viewing life. A lifestyle that is expressed in collections for women and men.


Custo Barcelona is currently a consolidated image brand that, since 1997, unveils its collections each season at New York Fashion Week. Innovation and creativity are at the root of a style characterized by the use of graphics and color that have become iconic.

Their success has become recognized by not only the public buying their garments but also by fashion professionals, the media and the world of celebrities.



Creativity and innovation are the other side of a functional collection, which is aesthetic as well as comfortable. Volumes and lines are the parameters which, along with the fusion of the materials chosen, form the sought-after innovation.

The oversized quilted anoraks with a metallic appearance yet with very soft fabrics are pieces that do not listen to classifications, along with the dresses with opening, asymmetries and architecture yet to be defined, which are the representatives of this collection.

The proposed oversized trousers and miniskirts combined with experimental tops seek to trigger emotion in the self-assured woman. The reaffirmed colour genetics create a winter proposal without waiving the seductive metallic and shiny shades that ensure colour plays a desirable leading role, even in the winter. Ankle boots or calf-length boots coordinate with the collection.

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