CANNON BEACH (Spring Summer 2024), emerges from memory: the kind that persists in our minds even when unnoticed; like dreams that entwine in our memory until they seem like illusions from a very distant past. It feeds on longing; it is its raison d’être—the root of what we do.

We conceive the collection as a mirage, a veiled declaration of intentions, a claim for what we couldn’t live. Ballet. A cold summer on the coast of Oregon. We fell in love and fell out of love only to fall even more when we were already too far away, leaving us only with the sensation of what could have been.

The invitation to the show portrays this illusion, the mirage from which the collection stems—the title of which can only be read when facing a mirror, alluding to the violence of looking at oneself with honesty, accepting one’s desires; but also to a change in perspective: we must assume reality differently.

In harmony with the brand’s spirit, the collection stands out for the integration of handcrafted ceramic pieces from our studio and the presence of antique fabrics found in antique shops or coastal markets; along with contemporary silhouettes layered over more classical proposals.

Thus, maintaining the essence introduced by the brand in its first two collections, the colors black and white continue to take center stage in ‘CANNON BEACH,’ while a broader color palette is introduced – burgundy, navy, or yellow – along with fabrics like tweed or tapestries, which become emblematic for AVEC AMOUR.

In CANNON BEACH, old sports uniforms, especially from university campuses, and a general academic aura are considered. This includes pleats, stripes, bombers, suit pants, etc. Also, mini-dresses and short sets reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, of icons like Jane Birkin. There’s a sense of modesty: the sensualization is perceived implicitly and gently, and the general basics are remade to define the raison d’être of AVEC AMOUR


Since Daniel and María met in January 2020, the couple has developed a joint universe that, in its first days, materialized as a photography project and evolved to become AVEC AMOUR in February 2022. This Valencian fashion brand It brings together the different artistic disciplines that both cultivated throughout their adolescence and that merge today in their collections.

The essence of AVEC AMOUR is forged through the integral collaboration of Daniel and María, where each one has a background that contributes significantly to the conception of the brand’s identity. Having studied a degree in Fashion Design and a Master of Crafts, María taught Daniel in dressmaking and pattern making – the first garment she sewed was underwear for the brand – and he taught her in visual identity and photography in the earliest stages of the project. Since then, both complement each other in a multidisciplinary way in all areas of the brand, allowing both to be in charge of all the phases that make up the collections: from design, pattern making and manufacturing to the production of campaigns, e-commerce, teasers, etc


María Undo & Daniel De Villanueva


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