04_ 080 Barcelona Fashion holds its third day of fashion shows with introspective, innovative fashion proposals in support of diversity

  • COMPTE SPAIN, with a collection inspired by dreams, and PAOLO LEDUC, with a transgressive and artisanal proposal, made their début at 080 Barcelona Fashion
  • ANEL YAOS, OUTSIDERS DIVISION, THE LABEL EDITION and CUSTO BARCELONA were next to walk down the catwalk with proposals in which innovation and creativity played a leading role
  • DOMINNICO ended the day highlighting diversity in the casting and in its staging and creative proposal

Download the images and videos of the fashion shows of each label here

*The photos of the fashion shows will be updated during the afternoon

Thursday, 04 May 2023 — 080 Barcelona Fashion started its third day of fashion shows with proposals by the labels COMPTE SPAIN, PAOLO LEDUC, ANEL YAOS, OUTSIDERS DIVISION, THE LABEL EDITION, CUSTO and DOMINNICO at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

COMPTE SPAIN was the first to walk down the catwalk on the third day of Catalan fashion week. The label, created by Santiago Mozas, presented its collection “Trauma”, inspired by the climax of dreams and nightmares.

The collection includes strong looks that take the magical surrealism of pictorial art as a reference and, more particularly, the work of Spanish artist Remedios Varó, who wanted to show the unreal or strange as a common, everyday thing, tearing down the limits of reality, and the work of Margaret Modlin and the way in which horror is reflected in it.

PAOLO LEDUC, a firm that is making its début at 080 Barcelona Fashion, is inspired by the origins of the designer: his Spanish roots that feed from the more baroque essence and from excess, and his French roots that combine the more classic side and artisanal work.

The designer, who painted walls, pieces of wood, school desks and clothes from childhood through to adolescence, presents “Entre sol y sombra”, a collection that is the reflection of his own persona. Stitched and painted works that distort human silhouettes and the classic forms of tailoring, with deconstructed pieces, the use of digital prints with the “trompe-l’oeil” technique, and the shaping of fabrics. It is inspired
by the night, with hints of the punk rock culture and cinema.

080 Barcelona Fashion also hosted the proposal by ANEL YAOS, a label whose collections speak of his inner world and the way his generation feels. He is a benchmark in floral and geometric prints from the 70s and 80s, the volumes and ornaments of 18th century painting and the overlays of the 90s.

He presented “DEEP ”, a collection made up of 22 looks in which the world of romance, the 70s and 80s, nomads, evolution, and the marginal are present. It reflects the flow of light fabrics such as silks, gauzes and cotton against the forcefulness of velvet and neoprene, from the perspective of a fascinating conversation between prints and colours that fit perfectly together. The overlays, characteristic of Anel Yaos’ styling, are simplified to the point of becoming minimalistic.

OUTSIDERS DIVISION was the second to walk down the catwalk. A transgressor of reality and feelings under the slogan “la bellesa de l’error”, David Méndez, the label’s creator, takes us to worlds of dreamlike fantasy.

A dress with dalmatians, sweaters made of organic cotton, crocheted, leopard and tartan pieces, a group of oil-painted bears, furry coats, coloured soles on handmade shoes, a carrot-shaped hat and one with yellow antennae, a portrait of cats and dogs printed on a dress, cardigans and gingham shirts, striped rugby shirts, a green meadow sewn onto a quilted anorak…are just some of the creations presented.

THE LABEL EDITION, a label with 100% digital DNA, presented M.O.T.L.E.Y, a collection full of pieces that can be combined together, letting the creativity and unique style of each one fly, and offering the chance to choose how and when to wear each piece.

Subtlety plays a leading role in the collection, with special emphasis on colours, particularly bright colours, and modularity. They have chosen a bright colour palette that particularly runs through different shades of pink, as well as oranges, reds, greens and yellows. Darker shades are also present as a counterpoint, such as blue and black.

Volumes, especially on the sleeves, form part of the label’s DNA, and are undoubtedly back in this collection. Very airy pieces and volatile textures are proposed, which are seen in crinkle and different cottons, as well as denim.

A regular at 080 Barcelona Fashion is CUSTO BARCELONA, a label with a consolidated image in which innovation and creativity form the basis of a style characterised by the use of graphics and colour, which has become an icon.

Custo Barcelona has presented a new collection in which volumes and lines are the parameters that, along with the fusion of the materials chosen, result in the sought-after innovation. Oversized quilted anoraks with a metallic appearance with very soft fabrics, along with dresses with openings, asymmetries and architecture yet to be defined play a leading role in this collection. Oversized trousers and miniskirts were also present, combined with experimental tops in an attempt to stir emotion in women who like to
play it safe.

Colour was reinforced to create a winter proposal without forgetting the seductive metallic and shiny tones that make colour the star of the show, even in winter.

DOMINNICO was responsible for ending the day. The firm, characterised by the premise of slow fashion, and the diversity, innovation and sustainability of its processes, presented its new collection “DILDOM FALL 23”.

A collection that arose from the need to continue creating an idea of union and inclusive community beyond fashion. This proposal is made up of 25 looks in which pieces that are already part of the label’s identity are meshed together to pave the way for inspiration that looks to art trends such as Marcel Duchamp’s dadaism; the conceptual art of brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman; the contemporary artist Anna Uddemberg; the designer of objects Anthony Redmile or the provocative aesthetics of The Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick and the dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
Thus ends the third day of 080 Barcelona Fashion, which tomorrow will host the last group of proposals for the 31st edition.

Sponsors and contributing firms of the 31st 080 Barcelona Fashion Beauty trends stole the show on the penultimate day of the fashion week. Kevin Murphy offered looks inspired by rock & roll and neutrals mixed with grunge, and Custo showed off glamorously silky, straight hair. Dominnico went for a strong,
daring wet look, decorated with different colours. Make-up trends by MAC Cosmetics include looks inspired by the 60s, hyper-realism on the skin, a mother-of-pearl metallic sheen to skins and even the use of bright colours such as fuchsias, reds and blues on nails, cheekbones, and lips. Finally, Thuya Professional Line offered manicures in bright and colourful shades and also in extreme, square and stiletto shapes.

In this edition, the event is supported by 4 sponsoring brands and 12 collaborators.

The sponsoring brands are Kevin Murphy (official hairdresser), MAC Cosmetics (official make-up), Moco Museum (official cultural contents) and Nobu Hotel Barcelona (official hotel). The collaborating brands in this edition are: Thuya Professional Line (official manicure), Cointreau (official liqueur), Gin Gold (official premium gin), Vallformosa (official cava), Rowenta (official ironing and sanitising), Natur All (official water), La Roca Village (official shopping destination), INCAVI (Catalan Vine and Wine Institute), DO Catalunya, DO Montsant y DO Penedès (official wines) and Formatges Can Pujol.

Interested media can request accreditation on the website www.080barcelonafashion.cat
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