Outsiders Division is an independent clothing company created by David Méndez Alonso in 2012, which designs clothing for all adults who have not grown up yet. From our studio in Barcelona, we celebrate the imagination and art using emotions as a tool to create collections that include a long list of products and accessories.

David Méndez Alonso is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer from Galicia with a special sensitivity and aesthetic towards colour.

A transgressor of reality and emotions and, under the motto “the beauty of error” David’s work brings us closer to worlds of dreamlike fantasy, where he unleashes his particular imagination in projects in which he designs, draws, sculpts, installs, recreates, paints and plays without fear or limits.

Self-defined as an ‘Outsider’ in 2012, he decided to create his own label ‘Outsiders Division’ with which he presents several collections every year that include fashion shows, campaigns, and a long list of products, clothing and accessories. He has worked for brands such as Adidas, Samsung, Converse, Nike, H&M, Levi’s, Pull&Bear, and Reebok, developing and designing projects for each of them.

His career also includes exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Dubai, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Monterrey, and Paris.

Cofre del tesoro

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A dalmatian dress, organic cotton sweaters, crocheted, leopard, and tartan patches, an oil-painted group of bears, furry coats, coloured soles on handmade shoes, a carrot-shaped hat and another with yellow antennas, a portrait of cats and dogs printed on a suit, cardigans and gingham shirts, striped rugby shirts, a green meadow sewn on an quilted anorak…