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Yolanda Pérez Álvarez was born in Sabadell in March 1978, a town close to Barcelona. She studied in the same city in a half-private school. When she was 7 years old (in 1985) her mother Mercedes opened her first bridal business. Yolanda and her sister Cristina played with the pins and hid among the dresses reluctantly of the employees.

Yolanda had always felt the need to give herself to others in a very altruistic way so she was determined to study medicine and work at Doctors Without Borders.
Later she realized that the wounds and the blood overcame her and decided to learn the craft that her mother, her grandmother and her ancestors had been doing for centuries. “We never appreciate what we are good at”. 

She was passionate about selling, able to satisfy the needs of her mother’s clientele. If she did not have the perfect dress, she would look for the fabric wherever and take the order. 

At age 20, after taking care of her mother’s stores, she decided to open her own atelier in the center of her hometown, next to the main church. There she strengthened her clientele even more. In 2004, the company where her mother Mercedes worked closed for retirement of the owner, and convinced Yolanda to create a small collection. 

The collection was presented at the Bridal Fashion Week in Barcelona, where she sold 390 garments. 

Pioneer of the well-known “Boho Style” in the Bridal sector in the the mid 2000s, it is a consequence of her musical and artistic references, heavily influenced by the 60s and 70s. 

In 2012 she presented her first eveningwear collection and in 2019 her first Couture collection both in Paris fashion weeks.

Permanently in the search of new opportunities, the 2020 and 2021 are bringing new projects, like a RTW side brand Y_Como and the development of a fashion app, among others.

Y_Como (that translates into “And how” in English) is our workshop’s new laboratory. The “what” is important, it is the source of inspiration, but we are interested in the “how”. How to create, how to imagine, how to do things. In the "how" lies true knowledge. Only if one researches, experiments and knows
how, will get the "what".

In our Lab we will work on this “how” from a point of view linked to society, how
society and fashion experiment together. How do you dress? How do you dream? How do you imagine? How do you think? How would you do it?

For this first test, we have seen that people increasingly value how clothes are made and the artisan and manual experience. That is why we have returned to our pattern of origin: the "Arts & Crafts" movement from the famous William Morris. 

Hence his natural designs and his idea of ??working with pure elements have been worked on. We have fused their prints, together with materials such as denim cotton
processed by our team, 100% natural silks and cashmeres together with a material very ephemeral, as is tulle.

We have observed society in detail this year, concluding that there is
an imperative need, on the part of this, to live totally in freedom and fashion should reflect this drive.

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27 abril 2021


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The great advance of humanity will be to release the hands again. In the middle of the 19th century, a movement of enormous artistic ambition was born. The Arts & Crafts trend with designer William Morris as the driving force.

The Arts & Crafts were a reaction to industrialization and modern ways of life that had replaced manual labour with machining. The intention? Regenerate humankind through craftsmanship. Respect and care for the materials and the way they were used.

A movement in which the purest aestheticism bordered on excellence. A struggle against the decline of industrial production and mass-produced objects by machines that, because of their price, conquered the world, replacing beauty and truth with falsehood and deception.

160 years later, the situation has reached its peak and few artisans are fighting the great Goliath of industrialization, the brave who in spite of all circumstances continue to bet on artisan hands full of cuts, experiences and wisdom.

"I am not what I am, but what I do with my hands" Louise Bourgeois.

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